Historic Paranormal Investigation

For so long we’ve had the question of “proof” of life after death. With many individuals bringing their best answers to the table. Paranormal investigators today have high-tech gadgets and capture EVP’s, infra-red images, photographic and video evidence, and the debunkers still insist – Fake! How long has this been going on? Read on to find out...

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Angry Ghosts and Spiritual Battles

That angry spirit was back. He was not used to females walking away from his attacks, not in life or death. He was a powerful being, and my “defiance” deserved “eternal punishment delivered by his righteous hand.” I was an affront to his Divine Presence. Um…yeah, if you could tone down the scary dance? It’s getting old.

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I’m Not That Kind of Medium
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I’m Not That Kind of Medium

Unlike flamboyant TV personalities, I’m not going to chase you down in the street, gasping, “Aunt Tilly says she buried the gold under the old oak tree in the backyard.” I’m not going to jump and shriek in reaction if a ghost brushes against me. I’m not that kind of medium.

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Of Course It’s Haunted!

Naturally, a medium and psychopomp would be drawn to a haunted house. I still remember the pained look on the real estate agent’s face when he disclosed the former owner had died on the premises. His closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead when I told him, “Ghosts don’t bother me. I grew up with one.” Not sure if it was relief or deepening concern.

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