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What is calling to you? What is the missing piece you seek?

Are you looking to reconnect yourself spiritually? To bridge the distance between your current physical reality and the abstract of the spiritual realm?

There are real-world health benefits to a regular spiritual or mindfulness practice. We all know that.

But…Today’s crazy pace makes it easy to ignore our inner self – to our detriment. We are surrounded by distractions and high-stress environments that only increase the distance between our physical and spiritual selves.

Reconnecting these two vital but distinct parts of our whole self can feel more like stepping off a cliff than bridging a gap.

Unless...You have the right tools.

The Good News...

They're literally all around you.

Nature is our key to reconnecting with our spiritual selves.

And there are so many ways to reconnect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Discover whole new realms of joy in your everyday, and inner, spiritual life through these simple, effective and life-changing methods:

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Serena Dracis has lived a paranormal life.

From ghosts haunting her childhood home, to UFO sightings, and psychic development, Serena has over four decades as an Experiencer and Practitioner.

Her education and professions gave her a unique perspective on her evolving psychic talents. She recognized her paranormal experiences were a sort of training ground, helping her to develop and grow.

Through her books and blog, Serena shares practices and techniques for growing your own personalized spiritual practice.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey, or looking to add more tools to your spiritual practices, you’ll find something to help you build and grow here.

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Serena's Books Get 5-Star Reviews

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Readers say...

“A fascinating read … inspiring me to tap into my own psychic abilities … bought this book for a friend of mine, it was THAT good.”

“Gave me goosebumps.”

Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead –  Talks about growing up a medium with psychic gifts. 

With insights on developing psychic abilities. Explores spiritual awareness to foster well-being and mindfulness.

And lots of ghost stories–scary ones, sad ones, even heartwarming ones. All of them  true.


For Spiritual Seekers Only...

The fundamentals are a solid foundation of practices needed for psychic and spiritual work.

Meditation, grounding, cleansing.

These are techniques for tapping into your own natural abilities, using clear, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Included are methods and practices for incorporating these into your everyday life, helping you become more spiritual and connected, even in modern society.

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Essential Skills you must develop to work with your psychic abilities.

•The Three Primary Skills that are critical to psychic practice.
•Passive and Active Grounding.
•Clearing your aura, and recharging energetic batteries.
•Centering—fosters greater awareness of and connection to Higher Self.
•Developing discernment—vital to growth and progress in spiritual and psychic realms.

Getting  5-Star reviews. Available at Amazon and other eBook retailers.

Paranormal Peeps!

Who wants a free ghost story?

Everyday Ghosts is just one chapter out of Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead. A true ghost story from my own paranormal life.

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