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New Release on December 11, 2023:

Salt, Sky, and Fire

Two mages and the pirate they tried to kill are coerced into a tempestuous alliance when a dragon mage and a sphinx bring them together to save the world.

Salt, Sky, and Fire is an original, complete, first draft manuscript, with a planned release date of December 11, 2023. Pending acceptance by Royal Road, the first five chapters will go live on Monday the 11th. Remaining chapters will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Link will be posted here pending Royal Road approval. Yes, this means you will be able to read all of Salt, Sky, and Fire for free. If you’re patient.

I will be posting a link to my Patreon here shortly after if you just can’t wait and need to read the whole thing right away.

Want those first five chapters now? Click that link below..