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Drawn to the weird? Seeking the spiritual? In love with the paranormal?

Find what your soul is seeking here.

Serena Dracis writes about the paranormal. An experiencer and practitioner for over 30 years, Serena shares practices and techniques for developing a personalized spiritual practice. If you've had paranormal or spiritual experiences and are looking to find out more, keep reading. Make sure you sign up for her newsletter for exclusives and giveaways.

Books For Spiritual Seekers Only

The fundamentals are a solid foundation of practices needed for psychic and spiritual work.

Meditation, grounding, cleansing.

These are techniques for tapping into your own natural abilities, using clear, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Included are methods and practices for incorporating these into your everyday life, helping you become more spiritual and connected, even in modern society.

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Essential Skills you must develop to work with your psychic abilities.

•The Three Primary Skills that are critical to psychic practice.
•Passive and Active Grounding.
•Clearing your aura, and recharging energetic batteries.
•Centering—fosters greater awareness of and connection to Higher Self.
•Developing discernment—vital to growth and progress in spiritual and psychic realms.

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Paranormal Peeps!

Who wants a free ghost story?

Everyday Ghosts is just one chapter out of my next book. A true ghost story from my own paranormal life.

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