The Murder Family

Diaval Murder dropped out of the sky one day in early spring, landing with a clatter of claws on my greenhouse roof.

Animal Souls

The science is in, humans benefit emotionally and physically from close animal bonds.

To which most animal people typically shrug, and say “Welcome to the party.” We’ve known that forever.

But what about the animals themselves? Are there spiritual benefits for them?

Raising Chickens, City Living, and Finding Your Zen

Empaths in particular are drawn to animals, and find solace and healing in their gentle and unconditional love. When we’re overwhelmed from the emotional tides of daily life, coming home to our animal companions solid, anchoring presence provides soothing relief. We find comfort in giving them a safe home, healthy food, and the tasks of their daily care can become a moving meditation, and way to connect more deeply emotionally and energetically with animals, and your own Higher Self.