Key Elements of Spiritual Development

We are all born psychic, it’s part of being human. However, only a relative few actively engage with their psychic abilities.

When it comes to the idea of “being psychic” humans have a wide range of ideas, and opinions about if they are or aren’t. However in general you have those who don’t “believe” and those who do.

Some ignore or dismiss their intuitive nudges as “lucky guesses” or “just a coincidence” and would adamantly deny they were using something other than their “normal” five senses.

That’s cool. You do you.

There are those however, who choose to explore their psychic senses. For those who actively engage their abilities, there are three broad groups:

  • The Natural
  • Those who “work at it.”
  • The Suddenly Psychic

We are all born psychic, it’s part of being human.

Natural psychics are gifted with awareness of their psychic powers from a very early age. They are the ones who have always seen spirits, or auras, talked to ghosts or faeries, had invisible friends. As they grow, instead of having it programmed out of them, they learn to integrate these abilities with their “real” 3-D life. They are the true walkers between worlds, the ones with a foot in each realm but fully grounded and centered in their being.

The second group work at it. They undertake the spiritual journey of committing to heavy practice and understanding in order to grow and develop their talents. They learn much about themselves and helping others along the way.

In the third case the psychics’ abilities are awakened without warning by trauma – events, strong emotions, or near-death experiences. This triggers the sudden onset of a numinous experience, and expanded awareness.

Bonus – you don’t have to pick just one. You might have a little bit of each category.

Why? Because being human = being psychic. It’s just a matter of remembering how to access and work with your own innate abilities.

Yes, remembering. We’ve all done this before, lots of times. Some just have a harder time remembering how.

We’ve all experienced multiple lives in multiple dimensions. That is topic for another post though.

But… you’re probably wondering why some only get tantalizing hints, others get all the details, and some just dismiss it all.

Lots of reasons. We as a species are only just starting on this great adventure of expanding consciousness. There’s bound to be some hiccups.

Want a real world example?

You and a few friends go to see a movie. You all sit in the same space, for the same amount of time, having the same experience. After, you go have a meal, and discuss the movie.

Each one will remember moments, or pieces of the movie more vividly, or in greater detail than others. Now, what happens when someone remembers a bit of dialog, or a scene differently from you?

What are some reasons that might happen, from a purely 3-D perspective?

  • You weren’t paying attention.
  • You were looking at a different part of the screen.
  • Noises in the theater kept you from hearing the dialog.
  • People walking past you blocked your view.
  • You deliberately looked away because you didn’t like what you were seeing.
  • You had to leave the theater temporarily.

Because being human = being psychic. It’s just a matter of remembering how to access and work with your own innate abilities.

You can apply this same rationale for why people are or are not in touch with their own innate abilities.

  • Noises in the theater = repetitive, circling thoughts.
  • Not paying attention = diverted by external distractions like devices.
  • Don’t like what you’re seeing = traumatized by events.

Do you see how they are linked? Why folks would deliberately not want to engage with those additional senses? It takes real courage to develop your psychic abilities because it requires you to open up, to explore your inner landscape and undertake a journey of spiritual growth and awakening.

And that is not always an easy journey. Not for the faint of heart.

No matter which path you tread, or the steps of your journey, some key elements of spiritual development are responsibility, patience and understanding.


 To develop your psychic ability you must understand yourself as well as develop a deeper understanding of the world around you. Keeping an open mind, seeking understanding tempered with compassion will ensure you are moving in a positive trend.


Psychic development entails responsibilities. Becoming psychically adept means that you accept that your mind and body will grow spiritually. You accept responsibility for walking your path, recognizing your actions and their consequences. You should find inspiration and guidance from studying with others, but only you determine your path. To ensure you are moving towards your best, and highest self, set your goals toward helping others.


Whether you’re naturally talented from an early age or not, to fully develop your psychic ability takes time. So don’t rush. Part of developing your awareness and training your discernment is learning how to slow down, to be patient, to observe.


Honing your ability to focus is helpful both for psychic development and in the “real world.” Focus is simply “what are you paying attention to.” But – there’s always a catch right? Our attention is not just our wakeful awareness. It’s also our subconscious. A big part of psychic development is learning how to harness and use the energy of the subconscious through focusing exercises.

As a part of developing your focus, you may find it helpful to concentrate on a particular area of study or practice. Consider the following psychic tools:

  • Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards. A divination tool that is used to gain insight and resolve issues regarding heath, relationships, career, and spirituality.
  • Numerology. Uses numbers that correspond to each letter of the alphabet and mathematical formulas to provide information on a person’s life path.
  • Astrology. Study of the celestial bodies such as the moon, sun, and planets and how their energies affect the earth and its inhabitants.
  • Crystals. As aids to accessing inner sight, or assisting with healing, crystals are potent allies in the spiritual realms.


And of course…



Becoming a skillful psychic requires a lot of practice. Nobody becomes a professional in any field in just a few days! Your best results will occur when you establish a regular habit of engaging your spiritual practices. Grounding, centering, meditating – all of these are necessary, and you only get good by doing them on a regular basis.

Here’s a big secret that almost no one will tell you – It doesn’t matter how you practice. Just that you do. So find what resonates. Explore different traditions and techniques. Play.


Let your heart and intuition be your guide. Let love and compassion point the way. Even though the journey can get rough, the sense of joy and healing are worth every step.

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