Spring Equinox March 2022 - Tuning Into the Natural World

It never fails.

Whenever I feel disconnected.


Not quite -there- with my spirituality, there’s this really easy fix.

Get back in touch with the natural world.

Lots of different ways to do this:

  • Visit a park, sit under a tree.
  • Go to the beach and breathe deeply.
  • Take your dog (or cat) for a walk.

Today is the Spring Equinox – when day and night are balanced before the days start to lengthen.Perfect day for tapping into all those lovely equinoctial energies. I had been feeling a bit off, so I went outside, gathered my stuff and did some planting.

Did it matter it’s grey, and rainy? Nope.

I used the rainfall to help wash away old habits, pain, and energy that no longer serves me.

I planted seeds. This round, it’s lettuce and spinach, but more than that, I’m sowing the seeds for the future I want to manifest.

When I mix the soil, add in the seeds, I add a little extra Reiki energy too. To help them grow and reach their highest potential.

The spring equinox is all about growth, renewal, new beginnings.

Getting out into the garden –  planting, tending, sowing – is  powerful way to tell the Universe you are ready to start fresh.

However that looks for you. Maybe you grow some fresh chives on your kitchen window sill. Did you know you can regrow the ones you buy at the grocery store?

Maybe you get a little succulent like the one in the picture on the right. Low maintenance but with such lovely colors, and bright, happy energy.

Spring equinox is a sacred day for traditions around the globe. A time to celebrate winter’s release and the warmer, abundant days to come. (Unless, you’re south of the equator, then it’s the opposite.)

How will you celebrate? Whatever you do, take a few minutes to ground, and center yourself.

A few deep breaths. Still your mind. Offer thanks to our Earth Mother, Gaia – or whomever your heart aligns with. Set your intentions for growth and renewal.

Then release them, and release your expectations.

And wait for the magic to happen.

Happy Equinox!

Oh! And ICYMI, or are reading this a day or two later, you can still use these energies. They linger for a few days. So get out there, get reconnected.

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