First Steps - Animal Communication

In this post, I talked about how animal training = animal communication.

But you want more than that, right? You want to know to really grok your animal companion.

It’s well worth the effort. I have used these methods and techniques on animals of every type. Predators, hoofstock, marine mammals, raptors, fowl, reptiles. I have handled and trained them all.

You can do it too.


It starts with you, and your animal companion.

Learning to truly communicate with your friend means you are going to have to put in the effort to learn their language.

Because they are not going to learn English.

What you must do, is teach them. Using signals and reinforcement that they understand.

In the video, you can see, Lilith is calm and cooperative. Waiting patiently for me to secure her harness so she can go outside and have fun.

She learned, through repetition, reinforcement, as well as emotional, energetic support and encouragement, that outside = fun and adventure.

You can go back and read more about it in this post.

What you see here in the video is the end product of months of patient baby-steps accustoming her to the feel of the harness, the pressure of me snapping the connections, and staying calm.

It did not happen overnight. But she was a very willing student. She is feisty, and fearless (mostly). My little leopardess.

You will need to spend some time reading up on your particular species, breed, etc., finding out their particular quirks, habits, and behaviors. Take the time to observe your animal companion both while you’re interacting together, and when your pet is not paying any attention to you to get a good understanding of your pet’s own personality.

  • Do they tilt their head just so when you make “that” sound?
  • What are their ears doing? Up? Flat?
  • Is their body relaxed? Or tensed?

These are just some of the body postures and signals you need to become aware of. But you also want to know what’s going on inside their head and heart, right?

To connect telepathically, energetically with your animal companion, means you need to have some basic understanding of how to connect energetically.
Which means having a basic understanding of how to regulate and monitor your own energies.
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