Spiritual Animal Training

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been frustrated by your animal companion.

It happens. Something, some event, usually a behavioral one, happens that the human does not “like.”

  • An “accident” on the carpet.
  • Aggressive behavior like barking, growling, hissing, or striking.
  • Guarding of resources like food or toys.

They don’t necessarily have to be aggressive. Behaviors such as lunging on walks out of sheer exuberance. Jumping up because they haven’t seen you all day.

I’m sure you get the picture.

You wish you had some way to talk to your furry companion to get your point across even more clearly.

You can.

Talk to your pet, that is.

Animal training is animal communication. At it’s most basic level. Learn how to train your animal companion, and you will open up worlds of communication.

Guaranteed. And I do not say that very often. I can make that claim because it really is all up to you making the effort to learn.

If you make the effort, you and your animal companion will develop a deeper understanding and communication.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask any one of the tens of thousands of animal trainers who train professionally, as well as inĀ  high-level performance sports.

Now maybe they wouldn’t all agree that “psychic” is part of their training.

But I’d bet most to all would say that intuition and “gut” sense are a huge part of it.

I’ll always remember my manager at the Zoo telling me, “Always trust your gut, otherwise you’ll get bit.”

She was 100% right.

You can learn how to blend your intuitive, psychic senses with 3D training principles to develop a deeper relationship and increased clarity in communication with your much-loved animal companion.

All you have to do is make the effort.

The beautiful part is once your furry friend realizes you are making a genuine, heartfelt effort, they are typically more than happy to meet you halfway.

The first step – get control over your own emotions.

Not kidding. Not even a little. Animals are waaaay more open and aware psychically. They can “hear” you quite clearly. All those thoughts and emotions racing through you?

  • You’re still bugged by what that person said online.
  • Or at the jerk who cut you off in traffic.

All those angry, inward directed-thoughts and emotions…They can hear you.

Think about that next time you’re interacting with your pet.

Then, get good at observing your animal companion. Spend time watching their actions and reactions. What do you notice? What actions correlate with external events?

Think about it.


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