Will There Ever Be Scientific Proof of the Paranormal?

I’ve seen several posts about definitive proof of the paranormal recently, with lots of discussion back and forth. Ultimately though, it boils down to this:

The paranormal—meaning ghosts, hauntings, and psychic talents—cannot be proven definitively, scientifically, by current technological means.

Nope. Won’t happen.

Not for lack of evidence.

There is a ton of data out there, diligently and meticulously gathered: pictures digital and analog, video recordings, eyewitness testimony. A lot of which would be considered valid in court, right? Yet all this is consistently struck down as “fake” or “manipulated” by folks who often haven’t got a shred of evidence to substantiate their declaration “debunked.”

Trouble is, amongst the valid stuff are a lot of fakes. Absolutely true.

I commented on a FB discussion where the OP asked the “definitive proof” question, and my answer was basically what I said above. Some rando replied, “Yeah, but it’s too easy to fake a picture or EVP. That’s not proof.”

Uhhhh…yeah. I know. Did you even read what I said? **facepalm**

I am not a techie/gadget-y person when it comes to the paranormal, however…

There is a lot, and I mean a whole lot, of tech evidence.

  •   Yes. Some is fakery or explained by mundane cause.
  •   Some is not all. Therefore, some gathered evidence is genuine.
  •   The evidence rated “genuine” has captured some sort of phenomena.
  • The phenomena captured is not otherwise explained by current, accepted science.

If we agree on the above, then we agree that there is something, some phenomena existing outside of current scientific models. What the phenomena is remains to be verified.

That’s sorta the whole crux of the matter right there.

Because in most cases verification fails basic scientific method –  repeatable. For a lot of people, that’s a deal breaker.

“Repeatable” in this case means “on demand.” There are plenty of cases where investigations have netted repeated events. It’s why paranormal business has boomed.

“Come stay in our haunted B&B.”

Yes, please.

Unlike mixing reagents in a beaker though, just because you have the same setting and ingredients doesn’t mean you’ll get the same paranormal results. It’s inconsistent in its repeatability.

It also fails repeatability in a lab or otherwise controlled setting. Although…I have seen some promising reports of MRI’s done while a psychic is working. As well as some older studies done with mediums and telepathy, but these were not 100% repeatable or reliable and so are typically discounted by skeptics.

Except… There’s the whole Remote Viewing domain. Fascinating, compelling evidence for working psychic talent when you dig in. This breaks the model. Again – sorta.

RV is an established discipline, with protocols and methodologies that returns reliable results.

Is it 100%?


I get why a skeptic would be inclined to laugh off RV. Following protocols does not always return valid or verifiable results. I’m not an RV’er but from what I know their protocols include assessments for keeping “good” data and discarding “bad.” From there they assign a degree of certainty to collected data.

So…where’s the disconnect? With all the data, even with the acknowledged inconsistencies, why is it so hard for mainstream to accept?

That’s the gazillion-dollar question.

Fwiw, here’s my answer:

This is the intersection of Science and Spirit. Science on Earth is all 3D: observe, measure, validate, repeat. It is very good at describing the physical.

Spirit is all about experiencing and exploring those realms that are beyond the physical. Spirit is nonphysical, nonlocal. For those who can’t make that leap intellectually or emotionally, it’s a hard stop.

So, I get why the skeptics and debunkers have their glee-filled moments and surety. I was them for certain periods in my life.

Science is all they have.

But—Science is not, emphatically not, all there is.

What do you think?

Is Science ALL? Or is there Science AND Spirit?

That is the next gazillion dollar question.

For some. There are those of us who know.

It’s not about belief. It’s about lived experience that goes well beyond any need to measure or otherwise physically quantify.

It simply is true.

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