Historic Paranormal Investigation

Found this gem of an article at Smithsonian.com:

Meet Mr. Mumler, the Man Who “Captured” Lincoln’s Ghost on Camera.

The article is from 2017. It’s by Peter Manseau, an adaptation from his book, THE APPARITIONISTS.

The article itself describes how Mr. Mumler, a relative newbie at the newborn art of photography/daguerreotype produced, repeatedly, images of deceased people in portraits of living humans. Including a famous image of Lincoln standing over Mary Todd.

It’s well worth your time to read, but the tldr is… no one could figure out how he “did” it. Or reproduce his images. They were genuine, unaltered images that showed a corporeal human, and spectral one. Despite the attempts of the best experts of the day to debunk them, no one could. The efforts of one master of the art to determine how a fakery was done is detailed in the article.

Curious right? For so long we’ve had the question of “proof” of life after death. With many individuals bringing their best answers to the table. Paranormal investigators today have high-tech gadgets and capture EVP’s, infra-red images, photographic and video evidence, and the debunkers still insist – Fake!

I’m not trying to ingenuously suggest that all this data is “real.” Yes, people out there fake stuff. Yes, you need to question, and use critical thinking whenever evaluating evidence.


We’ve been told the spiritual realms are not real for a few hundred years at most. The Age of Reason really started the whole thing off, shifting focus to science and away from the spiritual. The idea of interacting with spirits and other realms was dismissed as fantasy because these beings and places could not be measured by emerging sciences.

Completely ignoring the fact that for thousands of years prior, humankind had extensive, detailed, and well-researched means for interacting with these denizens of other realms. These practices were written off as superstition and mythology.

Science has brought mankind to the heights of this modern age, and we’re all grateful for its advances. Our failing has been in constantly assuming that just because we know certain things right now, that it encompasses the whole of knowledge.

A singularly ignorant and dangerous assumption.

While there are those who will deny the existence, or validity of one or the other to the end of days, what cannot be denied is that there are millions more of us – the experiencers – than there are of them.

Them being the ones who try to tell all of us there’s no such thing as ghosts.

Or the paranormal.

Did you ever stop to think about the fact that the people who are telling us this – academics, government – are the same folks who’ve told us for decades that there’s no such thing as UFO’s and the only life anywhere is right here on Earth.

Funny how times change:

Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes & findings may ‘change our lives forever,’ expert says

Former Israeli space security boss says aliens are living on Earth and Mars

Make sure you check those sources and see just who’s making these claims. It’s not some tinfoil hat wearing dude in Mama’s basement.

Kinda makes you wonder what else has been hushed up until now.

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