Meet Pidge. Lessons in Animal Communication

She came into my life last summer.

Pidge was only with me for a short time, but across those weeks, I learned quite a bit about myself, and the natural world. As well as how to trust my own inner senses to a greater degree. Especially when it comes to animal communication.

I’ve been a work from home person for quite a few years now which means I spent a lot more time in my garden. Just last year I was adopted by a local murder of crows.

You can read their stories here and here.

Usually when they start yelling for my attention it means they want something to eat. That day it was different.

They didn’t even glance at the offered treats. I quickly noticed they were all directing their attention at the fluffy ball of feathers lying in the middle of the road.

On the surface, on the 3D, it would be obvious to anybody that these four crows were clearly drawing attention to the motionless pigeon in front of my driveway. What was happening on the energetic level is that they were calling for me specifically and asking me to help this bird.

I walked up to it. They repeated, “help her.”

Since part of what I do is help beings cross the veil, I thought perhaps the trauma of her transition was such that she was stuck. So I went do a little energy work on her, and when I got closer I could see that she was clearly still alive.

Well crap now I have to take care of her. I thought.

Wouldn’t be the first time I’d humanely ended an animal’s life. Have animals long enough and you will go through this many times. I ran to get gloves and the crows’ screaming escalated.

Where are you going? Where are you going? They wanted to know, anxious about the struggling pigeon.

I knew I had to act fast. I couldn’t stand to let her suffer, so I asked my spiritual allies to come in close to help ease her spirit in its transition.

The Murder Family continued to screech and fuss, escorting me all the way to my shed and back. Scolding they flared their wings as I pulled on my gloves and gently scooped the pigeon up into my hands.

The crows fell silent.

Pidge trembled in my hands, her heart beating so rapidly it shook her whole body. I took a deep breath stabilizing her body with one hand and reaching for her head with my other.

Fast. Painless. That was my intention. Until, in that instant her eyes locked with mine.

Instantaneous communication passed between her little pigeon heart and mine. My reaching hand froze.

Not this one. Not yet. Whispered my spiritual allies as the terrified pigeon in my hand gazed up at me. In those moments what my spiritual allies told me and what the pigeon herself communicated was that she was only dazed. She was not truly injured. She only needed a safe place to rest. 

What I heard from Pidge herself in that moment when we first locked eyes and hearts was, Please… help me.

I looked up at the crows. They all still silently gazed back at me.

“Alright little one. Let’s give you a chance.” I carried her over to the thick grass next to the road, placing her well back. Making sure no one would easily see her, but she’d be able to readily take off again if she was able. 

Before setting her down, I held her for a few more moments. Offering her Reiki. Offering her those healing energies. I also offered her the bridge and crossing of the veil if needed.

I went back to work. The spot where I’d placed her visible from my home office. I kept an eye out, checking on her a couple times. But by the end of the day, she was still there.

I carefully picked her up again. She offered me no resistance.

Let’s give you a safe spot since you’re not flying away right away. Seriously I thought I was just giving her a safe and comfortable place to die.

If she hadn’t flown away by now, my 3D nurse brain analysis was that she was two gravely injured to fly away but it wasn’t an immediate death. So rather than leave her to be prey to some predator passing in the night figured I would give her a safe and comfortable spot.

This 3D analysis was the complete opposite of my intuitive, telepathic communication with Pidge. It was a unique opportunity.

Pidge surprised me on every level.

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