National Paranormal Day

Today is the day!

National Paranormal Day.

A day for all of us who love the strange, the unexplained, the unearthly – ghosts, UFO’s…sorry UAP’s, psychic abilities. Today is OUR day.

THE perfect day to announce the release of my next book –

Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead.

Have you had a ghostly experience? Looking to explore the paranormal aspects of spirituality?

Or do you just really love ghost stories?

Ghosts I’ve Known details what it was like growing up a medium with psychic gifts. How I Learned to Live With the Dead is filled with insights on developing psychic abilities, communicating with multidimensional beings, and exploring spiritual awareness to foster well-being and mindfulness…

And a lot of ghost stories–scary ones, sad ones, even heartwarming ones. All of them are true.

Available today at Amazon and other eBook retailers.

Get it at Amazon:

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Because it’s National Paranormal Day…

I am making this special offer for this week only…

If you purchase Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead this week, May 3, 2021 to May 9, 2021, I will give you my psychic development duo of eBooks FREE:

  • Fundamentals of Psychic Development
  • Essential Skills for Psychic Development

How it works:

  1. Purchase Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead.
  2. Take a screenshot of your proof of purchase.
  3. Email your proof of purchase to
  4. Put “I bought your book!” as the subject of the email. Emails must be received by 11:00 PM Sunday May 9th, 2021.
  5. State what email address you want your books sent to.

You will get an email within one to two days with details on how to download your eBooks.

Take a look below for details on the psychic development duology.

That’s three books for the price of one. Don’t wait, get yours now!

Want to see if my methods are for you?

I’d love to gift you Fundamentals of Psychic Development, first in my series. Click the link below to sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy.

My newsletter is full of helpful pathways for expanding your consciousness, curated information on navigating a spiritual life in modern times, and yes, let me give you more free books.

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Essential Skills for Psychic Development

A practical guide for developing psychic abilities as part of your spiritual journey.

Five star reviewers say:

This is the kind of book to read again and again, each time getting something new from it. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey or life journey the step by step tools in this book can be helpful.”

As someone who has had a lifelong interest in psychic abilities and development, I was immediately drawn to this book…”

This is an excellent guide to opening yourself up to learning your psychic gift.”

Available at Amazon and other eBook retailers.

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