Spiritual Awakenings Suck

I should’ve known better.

The memes tell all.

Do not mess with Mercury Retrograde. Just. Don’t.

Okay, you can all laugh it off all you like, but this most recent Merc Retro, I dared it.


I, a very  non-tech-y gal, attempted a tech thing in mid-February.

I tried to switch up my website hosting. No lie, right as I was about to push the button and make the change I actually thought:

“Should I be doing this right now? Merc Retro?”

Not kidding even a little.

Hahahahahaha! It was a catastrophic failure. My entire “new website” was one epic disaster after another. It failed to launch. I completely rebuilt, then a critical failure in usage. It was a black hole of suck. Watching my projects timetable go poof, and making some hard decisions ultimately paid off.

Also at that time, a whole bunch of other “stuff” bubbled to the surface and forced me to do some of that inner work.

It’s why I haven’t been posting here. I had a whole lovely schedule, and…

Ugh. Spiritual awakenings and growth are painful. Healing is messy. It hurts on every level.

True to form though, I came through the other side with a better understanding of myself. I processed and healed that old “stuff” that came up.

In truth, I needed it.

Let’s face it. There’s no movement forward without clearing out and dealing with the old. From mucking out a stall, to just scrubbing your hands after a day gardening, you just have do what needs doing. No matter how unpleasant.

Are you familiar with the  spiritual concept “as above so below” or as I like to think of it, “what you see in the micro, reflects in the macro.”

It’s the idea that what we do right here, right now on 3D Earth. AKA, “the real world.” Has repercussions and effects in the other spiritual realms. Or alternate dimensions/universes if you prefer.

In practice it’s at the bedrock of spiritual concepts like manifesting. It’s about using your will to shape your reality. I used it a lot in the Merc Retro period.

Because the situations I found myself in forced me to consciously engage my compassion, my empathy and my critical thinking. I both examined objective data and relied on my psychic/”gut instinct.” It also pushed me to expand my limits regarding my own personal comfort levels with technology. As well as my personal goals and all kinds of other warm fuzzy stuff.

In the midst of my challenges, I made time to meditate on them, seeking that inner guidance and following it, using my personal spiritual practices.

It made what could have been a much worse situation far more tolerable, and by the end I was grateful for the lessons I learned.

Now I’m back on track, and with a new project line-up, with new books coming out soon.

Starting – next month!

My next book, Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live With the Dead publishes on May 3, 2021.

That’s also World Paranormal Day! The perfect day to release a book filled with true ghost stories, details about the afterlife, and insights on psychic development.

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