Ghostly Pets and Halloween

Halloween Season! Ghost posts all month!

The veil between the worlds thins and we all hope for that contact, a brush with the beyond. Maybe you’ve lost someone special and you’d like just a little touch to show you they’re okay.

That’s what happened to me.

Some years ago I had to put my cat, Magic to sleep. All pet parents know at some point in their journey with us, the time comes for our companions to say goodbye.

In Magic’s case, it was more like, “See ya soon.”

She was one of three kitties that moved up to Seattle from San Diego with me; Sage, Magic, and Jasper.

Magic was only 14, but I wasn’t ready to lose her. Oh, I suppose you never are ready to lose one of your fur kids. It feels like they take a piece of your soul when they leave. Jasper had passed two years prior, but while Magic and Sage were older kitties, they seemed to be in excellent health. Until I noticed she was losing weight, and then I felt that tiny lump under her jaw.

So little! I thought it was just a scab from Sage biting her while they were playing. Except it got bigger, and in just under a month I was crying at the vet over my sweet little girl. She had bone cancer, a very fast, aggressive one. As soon as I saw her x-ray I knew I wouldn’t be taking my little girl home and I had to say goodbye.

Every scrap of clinical and spiritual knowledge in my extensive experience couldn’t ease my breaking heart. It was the right thing, the compassionate thing to do. I knew her little spirit was only transitioning over, and as she passed I watched her move out of her body and into the loving arms of my spirit guide, surrounded by my other departed pets.

But I still missed my sweet editor kitty, and how she used to curl up on the foot stool under my desk.

Then one night I sat down to write, sweeping my feet up onto “her” stool, and pushing a heavy little furry body onto the floor.

Magic wasn’t exactly a svelte kitty.

The contact was so tangible, so physical, my first thought was not “ghost!” but:

When did Sage start sleeping in Magic’s old spot?

It was so unlike him. I actually got up out of the chair and poked my head under the desk, calling to Sage, apologizing for rudely shoving him.

Beloved skeptics, my desk sits in a corner and the only way out from under it is past me. The space under the desk was empty.

I knew my little girl had come to visit again and my heart felt just a little lighter. Magic, to this day, has been the most physically present of all my departed animal companions. She came back more than once, letting me know she was not done with me yet.

This is how she helped me write.

One day, I was sitting on the couch, missing her and crying. Really ugly crying too.

When I felt her tiny paws press into my arm and phantom weight settle onto my shoulder. She loved to cuddle and would often snuggle onto my arm and shoulder where it rested on the arm of the couch. I waited a few moments, breathless to see if the weight would fade. Instead a slight vibration buzzed on the skin of my shoulder through my shirt. My ghostly kitty was purring! Although her body was gone her little spirit was still very much present and very happy to cuddle with me again.

She was not exactly ready to go either. She “stuck around” for a while, for her own reasons. We had some “stuff” to work through and release.

Our animal companions are beautiful spirits, and to share a life with them is a magical blessing indeed.

Have you had ghostly encounters? Do you live in a haunted locale?

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