Of Course It's Haunted!

Halloween Season! Ghost posts all month!

What’s Halloween though without talking about where ghosts “live?”

That’s right, Haunted Houses.

Selling point, or… ?

The first house I bought was haunted.

Naturally, a medium and psychopomp would be drawn to a haunted house. I still remember the pained look on the real estate agent’s face when he disclosed the former owner had died on the premises.

His closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead when I told him, “Ghosts don’t bother me. I grew up with one.” Not sure if it was relief or deepening concern.

He went on to further disclose this unfortunate woman was elderly, without family and, “it took a little while for them to find her.”

That explained why it was so cheap in the San Diego market. My sweet little home had languished for months because all other potential buyers were scared away by just the thought of a spectral roommate.

Yay for me!

Of course she was still lingering. Stood in the doorway of my bedroom the very first night, demanding to know who I was.

Poor Sage, my kitty.

He was a seasoned traveler, often going with me on trips. This should’ve been just another room to sleep in.


He climbed the walls, yowling when the former owner showed up. Sage was used to spirits, but this one did not like cats. Not the easiest first night in a new home.

She, like the ghost in my parent’s home, was just stuck. Another earthbound human soul not sure what happened when her body stopped working. She really loved that house though. She wanted to be sure I would love and care for her home. We had a talk too, about her scaring Sage and came to agreement.

Eventually she moved on, but on her own terms, not through any efforts of mine. The dead don’t always want my help. “Keeping an eye on you.” She’d murmur. “Young girl like you living alone. Who else gonna watch out for you?”

“Thank you.” She said the last time I saw her. “You did good with my place.”

Buyer Beware

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Would you buy a haunted house?

If there are hordes of people who would run screaming in terror at the thought of staying in one for just a night, there are surely vast numbers who would run toward it screaming with delight.

There’s even a real estate term to describe these paranormal and potentially problematic properties:  psychologically impacted.

No matter what state you’re looking to buy in, any psychologically impacted property must be disclosed to potential buyers. However it doesn’t just mean paranormal activity; murder, abuse, drugs, severe mental illness and more can all be considered to affect the property. So if you’d rather not be sharing your shower with spectral housemates, if the information is known, you’ll know too.

If you’re Type A, and just need to find out for yourself, check out the website, Died in House.

Are There Extra Guests in the Honeymoon Suite?

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If living with spirits is too much for you, how about a stay in a haunted hotel to experience that brush with the other world?

This is one site where you can search for haunted lodgings to book:

Haunted Rooms America.

Paranormal is now big business. Ghost tours, haunted rooms, even paranormal investigations where you can play with the tech that modern investigators use can all be found for the intrepid traveler.

Fun places I’ve actually been to:

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Growing up in SoCal, I’ve been on this ship several times. Sadly I never got a glimpse of a ghost, although it definitely set off my psychic senses. Even went “ghost hunting” one night many years ago, although this was not a sanctioned investigation. When the fraternity dance got too boring for me and some of my sorority sisters, we grabbed our dates and snuck away from the festivities, poking around, probably in places we shouldn’t.

By “ghost hunting” I mean we wandered around calling “Here ghosty, here ghosty!” and laughing hysterically.

We didn’t find anything supernatural.

I know.


Winchester Mystery House. This California girl; I literally begged my parents to take me every time we drove north to visit relatives in San Jose. I was too young then to really dial in and refine my sensitivities to understand what I was picking up on, but…lots of vibes and atmosphere.

These are just two iconic haunted California locales. Each state will have their own.

If you do venture into haunted locations on purpose, remember, ghosts will sometimes follow you home! Know how to cleanse your own energies and remove any attachments before venturing forth.


Have you had ghostly encounters? Do you live in a haunted locale?

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Happy Halloween!

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