Reincarnation - When Did you Live Before?

Halloween Season! Ghost posts all month!

But… If you’ve been reading my other posts this month, you’ve seen how I help earthbound spirits cross over. (Psst – Click that link, “A Blog of My Own” in the Menu above for more posts.)

Which just begs the question, what then?

Once a soul is on “the other side of the Veil” what happens?

Multiple accounts of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) relate consistent elements such as:

  • A bright light.
  • A sense of warmth, love, welcome.
  • Relatives and loved ones who’ve passed come to greet you.

Frequently reported too by NDE’rs, being told

  • “Go back.”
  • “It’s not your time.”
  • “You still have work to do.”

Some regression therapists like Delores Cannon delve deeper, relating events that occur between lives. That’s right, talking about reincarnation.

Many religious and spiritual traditions incorporate the concept of a soul’s journey of evolution. Living recurrent lives incarnating into physical vessels.

Spend a little time reading up on reincarnation, and you’ll find that some trends appear regarding events post-death.

  • Reuniting with loved ones and spirit guides.
  • Life review.
  • Planning the next life.

The study of past lives via hypnotic regression is deep, with many notable and respected leaders who have published excellent works. If this is an area that calls to you, it’s well worth investigation.

There is one more report that is consistently conveyed by researchers across the field.

It can be very hard for those of us here on this side of the veil to understand why bad things happen. This is especially important right now. Once we are on the other side, these reasons become clear. We only really understand when we are between lives, until very recently.

Now, these rising spiritual energies, this knowing, this understanding is rising up for everyone. This “Great Awakening” that is happening on multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This has been the topic of previous blogs, so if you feel drawn to understand more, please check out the following:


This is Part 1 in a 4-part series on developing a grounded spiritual practice by developing your discernment and critical thinking.


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Past Life Regression

I had a hypnotic past life regression experience that was dramatic as well as cleansing.

A few decades ago, a friend and I went to a group regression session. I was hoping to see a lifetime in Atlantis. What I got was a nightmare revisited.

I found myself in a German U-boat that was sinking fast from a near miss. Panic clawed through me. The crew was screaming and cursing in German. Blaring alarms and flickering, then fading lights added to the chaos I found myself thrust into. Nothing could stop our descent to the bottom, and soon we were in pitch black. The hull crumpled, we hit bottom. We had enough time to realize we were all going to die.

My last thought was of my wife and son, left behind, and I could see them waving goodbye to me as my vision faded.

It was at this point the group leader brought us out of the regression, and I was still in the midst of dying and remembering my family.

I lost it.

I went full crazy girl; crying, sobbing, hysterical rocking back and forth. I brought the whole group to a standstill. The leader had to come over to help me, and my friend was looking at me like I’d grown a second head.

Because, I don’t do hysterical. She knew that. My meltdown was completely out of character.


I kinda already knew about that previous life. I’d halfway requested of my spirit guides to not show me “that one.”

I used to have these recurring dreams of dying in a submarine.

Yeah, super-specific for a 4-5 year old.

First visit to Disneyland I flat refused to get on the submarine ride because of these dreams. My parents pointed out the submarine never actually submerged, and I carefully watched a few of the subs cruise by. Only that convinced me it was safe to get on the ride.

As I got older I passed off the dreams as me just being afraid of something unknown. Even if I did feel a little short of breath looking at subs in movies or pictures. Or my heart pounded a little harder, every time I climbed down that tiny ladder for a ride around Disneyland’s Submarine Lagoon.

My teenage self would silently scold, “It’s dumb to be afraid of this fake-y ride” and I couldn’t let my friends see my fear. That would spell certain teenage doom.

Yeah, I was afraid. I had a phobia of dying in a submarine. Weirdly specific. It didn’t matter how often I told myself, “Thats so stupid. It’s just my imagination.”

Fast forward to my past life regression. I really did not want to see “that” life I halfway asked of my Spirit Team.

I really wanted Atlantis past life.


When I relived in vivid detail that memory of dying in a German U-boat, that whole irrational phobia simply evaporated. Gone. The dreams never once returned. Seeing U-boats in movies no longer triggers anxiety.

Weird, right? But there was a reason I got that life review after all.

The clarity of the recall facilitated releasing the ties and cords that still connected me to my family from that life. I had to “see” it to release it. The intensity and my own deeply emotional response were how my physical body processed that tremendous energetic and emotional release.

Relieving the experience was painful, in many ways. The emotions I felt in that hypnotic regression were raw, I was -in- that space/time, mentally (which is a whole other topic). But when I was out of that intense emotional field I was able to revisit what and who I saw, recognize the cording and cut it to allow full healing of that old wound.

Processing our inner work and healing these deep scars is the essence of self-care.


Have you had ghostly encounters? Do you live in a haunted locale?

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