The Ghost That Followed Us Home

Halloween Season! Ghost posts all month!

I love ghost tours. Walking tours of cities at night, history, hauntings, and sometimes a glimpse behind the Veil between the worlds.

The tour guide was only half kidding when she said “We aren’t responsible if any of the ghosts follow you home.”  She meant it too, adding cheerily, “but if they do, please call us, we’d love to come investigate!”

No need. I got this.

I help earthbound spirits “cross over.” Hubby and I were almost home before this one made her presence known.

The ghost lady in the back seat wasn’t the first to hitch a ride with us, but she was clearly distressed.

She was going to take a little extra effort.

Thin, willowy, with her youthful beauty heavily scarred by sorrow, the dead lady kept looking longingly at my husband from where she perched behind him in the car.

“My husband?  Where is my husband, and my baby?” She kept repeating, confusion lacing her pain. She didn’t understand how she was suddenly in this strange carriage. Didn’t really comprehend she was dead, and far out of her own time.

It took a little effort to get her attention, she was intently fixated on Hubby, mistaking him for her own long dead husband. Reaching out, snapping my fingers in front of her face, I called sharply to her. That did it. She turned wide, pale eyes to lock with mine. I got her story in an instant. 

Husband and baby both sickened and died.  She wasn’t sure of what, just showed them to me as feverish and coughing. She answered “Marie” when I asked her name, but kept reaching toward Hub with her insubstantial hands. Her pain was a tangible presence in the car.

She’d died of a broken heart.

Full credit to artist

“He’s not your husband. He’s mine. Your husband and baby are dead, and you are too.”  Again those big, translucent eyes brimmed with fear, confusion. Now though wisps of anger darkened her pale gaze.

I tried to be as gentle as I could, but there was no way to ease into that statement.

When you’re communicating psychically with non-bodied beings, you must be clear. They can sense if your intent is different from your words.

“You are dead. You’re a ghost, stuck here on the earth plane.”

By this time we had arrived home. I’d given Hubby the signal I was dealing with a ghostly hitchhiker. He got out of the car, leaving me alone in the garage.

Just me and the ghost. Next to the driver-side door, my chickens began to stir and cluck uneasily in their darkened henhouse. The atmosphere grew heavy and dense, and a smoky haze filled the garage. The lights weren’t bright enough.

“I miss them so.” She whispered. “Why can’t I find them? How did I get here?” Her anguish was plain. She stared around, fear and anger growing with her disorientation. She was starting to panic.

I called in my Spirit Team, requesting they bring Marie’s loved one’s close to the Veil, to aid their family member’s transition home.

Marie though, couldn’t see or hear any of this. She’d tuned me out. Not recognizing anything was just adding to her trauma.

Yeah, I know, it sounds funny, “the ghost was afraid.” Believe me it happens more often than you’d think.

“Where did the man go? Is that my husband?” She continued to fixate on Hubby.

“Hey, Marie. I need you to listen to me.”

“No.” With me as a legit target, and likely cause for her situation, she shifted to outright hostility. It coiled palpably through the car and garage. “Why should I listen to you?” Disbelief, scorn. She sneered. Afraid, alone, but with enough emotional energy to have an increasing affect on the atmosphere.

She didn’t want to listen to me, some random woman. She wanted to find her family. I could understand that.

I was a threat because I was interfering with her search for her husband.

Yeah, I could understand that too. From her perspective, I was the beeotch standing between her and her man.

Inside the car the darkness thickened, and it was hard to see out the windows.

I feel at this point it’s important to emphasize the importance of remaining calm.

“I can try to help you find them, Marie.”

Fierce, fiery anger blazed, her gaze now shining bright. Fury pressed against my psychic shielding.

It was like being in the eye of the storm. I was in my place of strength; fully grounded and shielded, supported by my Spirit Allies. I held onto calm, and projected something she hadn’t felt in a long time: Love, Safety, Home. Let it wash from me in a wave, offering it freely. Watched it swell and surround her, cocooning her kernel of darkness and pain in warmth and light.

I showed her I held only compassion. 

“I want to help you, and they do too.”  Rage subsided, easing the pressure in the car. She was paying attention.

I pointed to the Veil, and the Beings there to assist.

Anger and mistrust dissolved.  “Truly?”  She was afraid to hope.

“Yes.” Plain. Honest.

Peering through the Veil, she squinted for a just a moment before her face lit up, radiant.

She literally began to glow, and ran to another glowing form. A male, carrying a shining child in one arm.

Reunited, linking arms, they turned and crossed together back over the Veil.

With a nearly audible pop, the atmosphere in the garage lightened. Now bright and sparkly, yet soothing. The hens uttered soft coos as they settled back into sleep.

Marie brushed a feathery kiss across my cheek.

“Thank you.”

I smiled and got out of the car.

“Everything okay?” Hubby asked as he threw the ball for our Lab to chase. I took a deep breath and looked around our yard, then back into the garage.

No ghosts.

“Everything’s just fine.”


Have you had ghostly encounters? Do you live in a haunted locale?

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