The Peculiar Trials of Living with and Training 3-D Pets

When Xander falls, he falls hard. He has zero defense against soft fluffy baby chicks.

Love at first sight for my big boy!

Four years ago, with Xander’s first flock, he turned overnight into hyper-vigilant big brother. Every morning, first thing, he had to run outside to check on the babies.

Fast forward to now, same thing.

Morning after the chicks arrived and I’m getting everybody’s breakfast ready. I realize Xander has not come into the kitchen so I call for him and hear a faint whine from the landing. He’s standing next to the door to the laundry room, tail flagged and waving while that hopeful grin spreads across his face. He whines again and…lifts his front paw, dragging it down the last four inches of the door. Nails scraped lightly and he whines again.

Xander never scratches at doors.

The only other time Xander has ever stood at that door, whining to go out was four years ago. The last time new chicks came home.

Can’t say I blame him. They are ridiculously cute at this age.

Those first few days and nights, Xander once again, had to check on them multiple times a day. Which was not exactly convenient for this work-from-home gal. I finally had to set the boundaries and told him.

“Look, they’re fine since you checked them last. You can lay there and literally see their enclosure. I’m not jumping up every 3o minutes just because they started peeping. Again!”

He did his best to try and guilt me, heaving a mournful sigh and laying on the landing between the kitchen and basement. He had to curl his big body awkwardly, so he could gaze through the glass door at the box holding his precious little ones.

On the inside though, I was so proud, seeing him get all anxious and protective. I melted. Guilty!

“I promise though when I’m done working I’ll take you out and let you see them.”

His tail thumped, echoing on the wooden floor of the landing. The wave of love that echoed back between our bond said everything.



Have you ever seen a more besotted face? For real, check out my boy…

He just adores them so!

My sweet Marshmallow. He has the softest soul.

He’s not always the bravest boy. He’s sound sensitive – the 4th of July is not a fun time. But with lots of desensitization work, and tons of Reiki and love, he’s come a long way from the fearful pup who made the long trip from Texas rescue to Seattle. It’s been a real joy to see him grow in confidence.

His awareness though is pretty astonishing, and that’s after 30+ years of diverse animal experience. Xander is simply one of the most awake dogs I’ve ever known. I feel so lucky he chose to walk this life with me.

He’s super smart, and loves to train, but classic obedience bores him. I knew agility would likewise be a nonstarter, repetitive drills are not his thing. I tried scent work and again, he was disinterested. Would walk right up to the box with the treat, nudge it then walk away without eating.

One night at the training center, as we waited our turn to go search during the lesson he said,

“I know where the cookie is. I’m not particularly interested in a cookie. It’s okay wandering around and sniffing all the other interesting smells in this place, but I’m done now, can we go home? This is boring.”

He is the most articulate dog for sure.




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