Crow and Energy Work

All the behavioral science in the world doesn’t cover the mental and psychic rapport that’s developed between these crows and myself. How they will show up, and hold space near me while I’m meditating in my garden.

This is not simple patience on their part. They are not simply waiting because they know at some point during my time outside food will appear. Plenty of other times they’ve showed up while I’m doing chores, hung out, realized it wasn’t going to happen, and taken themselves off. I’ve also told them in those instances, “Not happening right now.” Rather, they show up as I engage in my spiritual practices, such as crystal gridding or working with Gaia’s energy.

I’m always grateful when they show up, they bring certain energies that are incredibly powerful and helpful.


One instance in particular stands out.

After setting up a particularly potent crystal grid I got up and put out some food. One had been perched overhead while I was gridding, so I wanted to say thank you.

He cleaned up the kibble, but perched on top of the green house. This was odd from the start. Usually he flies off directly after collecting his kibbles.

I realized he was directly over the grid. Curious, I sat down a bit away, and filmed him.

It’s snooze-worthy. Fifteen minutes of a crow napping on my greenhouse roof. No one wants to watch that.

What captured both my trainer brain and my psychic self was that he fell asleep, in broad daylight, under an open sky.

For fifteen minutes.

He settled in for little snooze in a a very dangerous position. Hawks and falcons are common in my neighborhood. Eagles too.

To be honest, I sat and watched him the whole time because it was so unusual I wanted to make sure he wasn’t injured in some way, or having some sort of physical issue.

That was my left brain, critical thinking aspect at work. My psychic right brain though…

Energetically, I could see he was just fine. He was blissed out sitting in the column of Earth energies streaming from the crystal grid I’d activated just a little bit before. Check it out in the pic below.

I was close enough I could see his eyes roll back in his head and shoulders droop as he basked in the energetic glow.

He practically purred.


How do I know what my animals are saying? How did I learn to communicate with them?

Time, patience, practice.

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