Awakening Empaths and Multidimensional Beings

Awakening Empaths are those people whose psychic-empathic gifts are newly coming online, or newly acknowledged.

This is manifesting now, in ever-widening numbers in a multitude of ways. You can read more about psychic abilities and awakening in my other posts:



When psychics begin to open up and work with their innate gifts, contact with multidimensional beings becomes practical reality. “Multidimensional” encompasses beings that may or may not be present in our physical 3D reality:

  • Ghosts
  • Elementals
  • Faery folk
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Angelic/Demonic folk

To name just a few. The 3D Earth is just one slice of a vast spectrum of reality. That’s not WooWoo, that’s backed up by emerging sciences. Our brain has been shown as working in up to eleven dimensions.

Other dimensions, or densities (which are subtly different, but…we won’t go there right now) are as peopled by intelligent beings as our own Earth. Some of these beings have the ability to appear and disappear from sight here in our 3D spectrum. Some appear indistinguishable from a mundane human, others are clearly not.

If this concept seems too fantastic, but you’re open to considering, then there is plenty out there to support this conclusion. Geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs, to name just two, cite contact with a multidimensional as inspiration for their inventions. That’s verifiable, go look for yourself.

Shamans around the world, culture to culture, for centuries have traveled to some of these other realms. They bring back information that is timely, applicable, and helpful on cultural and individual levels.

Funny…I once worked with an MD, who at one point said, “It’s not shamanism, you know.” She was relating a story of how she corrected a patient who questioned her. I had to bite my tongue.

Not my place to introduce her to how both historically and currently, shamans and shamanic practitioners around the globe bring love, healing, and growth to their clients by inter-dimensional communication. Often when modern Western medicine has failed.

These sort of transformations are just one example of the reality of these other realms.

Contact and communication can be beautiful, enlightening, but it is usually startling, and often frightening. To see a being standing at the foot of your bed, appear in front of your eyes, or – in my case – manifest so that you physically bump into them, is unsettling to say the least. When it happens repeatedly, it can amplify the feelings of fear and anxiety.

It’s not unusual at all to pick up empathically on the energies and emotional detritus of places that have even a little history. What sometimes takes more skill and experience, is being able to sort out the nature of the information or being encountered.

  • Is it a ghost?
  • Does it have real intellect? Or just left over energetic residue?
  • Was it human? Or not?
  • Is it of Earth, or some other planet?

It’s easy to be taken by surprise when encountering a multi-dimensional. It’s not typically something that happens on a set schedule. It’s easy to feel fear because the shock temporarily stops your brain from working properly. Most of us have society programming that tells us everything talked about here is nonsense. When we are slapped in the face with the reality, our intellect goes holiday.

Experiencing contact with multi-dimensional beings will shake you to your foundations. Many find they need time, space, and contemplation to approach comprehending the contact. So if your reaction to the encounter leaves you feeling confused, or unsure, know that this is normal. Your experience is yours. You choose how you process and perceive it.

Awakening empaths, you know the reality of these beings. You can learn to protect yourself, and cleanse yourself and your spaces of heavy, negative energies and attachments. These are absolute necessities if you seek to pursue any sort of psychic development.

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