Discernment In Crisis

This one is coming straight from the heart.

Not too big a stretch to say – we’re in the midst of a crisis. Individually, nationally, globally. Right now, no one is untouched by some measure of tragedy or dysfunction.

No one.

One of the best tools for navigating these treacherous waters is our deep knowing, our discernment. Which is a term that gets thrown around a lot, especially now. It is a critical skill and it is something that must cultivated and practiced to be reliable.

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To misquote a famous movie, my friends, we have a failure to communicate. In a world so thoroughly connected, with near instantaneous transmission and often language translation, we find ourselves often misunderstood.From innocent texts taken the wrong way all the way up to negotiations between super powers, each must utilize discernment to determine the degree of reliability and truthfulness of the words and talking heads that parade across our screens.

Collectively, we are fractured, eating ourselves from within because of this stream of data pouring into our consciousness. It triggers us. On every level. Dividing us on fundamental levels.

I know world, there never was an “us,” but, U.S. of A – when was the last time it was “us?” Not in my living memory, and I’ve been here more than half a century.

My parents though, and their parents, remembered, lived through World Wars. Plural.

They were part of those massive national drives, pulled together and united in one massive effort.

Win at any cost.

Keep these two things in mind:

  • United.
  • Win at any cost.

Rather than delving into the motives and actions of the global and individual players in planet-spanning conflicts, let’s instead take a broader and higher-level look at what happened within this nation both on the physical and spiritual levels.

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The physical, 3D events of those wars are exhaustively documented. The mobilization on the home front of everyone, down to the children, towards the war effort are similarly recorded.

On the spiritual side. Because the driving motivator behind this massive unification was of negative polarity – fear of war/death – this generated massive amounts of negative energy.

Even when the goal was seemingly lofty, “our side is the good side,” the underlying driver of fear contributed a silent, heavy, negative payload that manifested on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Does this seem implausible?

Remember that the multi-level traumas endured by the Greatest and Silent Generations were largely never addressed. What happens when trauma is buried?

Anger, anxiety, stress, with all the attendant physical ailments of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure manifest. Abusive and addictive behaviors manifest to cope with the inner, unhealed trauma.

Does this sound like anyone’s parents or grandparents? Who remembers elders telling family stories at gatherings of the war years? Can you see how those early experiences shaped their behavior – positive and negative?

Granted these are sweeping generalizations, but at this level we are only considering the broad underlying contributors, not individual distinctive factors. Also, none of this is rocket science, none of this is new information.

Returning to today, and current crises.

Right now, we are undergoing massive multi-level trauma. All of us.

Every. Single. One.

We might all be at each other’s throats, but at least each of us has this in common.

We’re all being traumatized.

No “what-abouts” and no trauma one-upsmanship here. That is not the point of this. We, singly and collectively, are trauma victims at a decision point.

How am I going to break this cycle? Will I make my choice out of Love, or Fear?

Full credit to artist for artwork.

Now, reflect back on how the Greatest and Silent generations turned out. Reflect that the very society we live in right now is the result and deliberate creation of those generational segments being in control of this nation’s governmental and corporate entities. The very people shaped by the repressed traumas of not one, but two World Wars.

Now, you gotta ask yourself.

Is that level of fucked-uppedness reaaallly what you want to pass on to the next generations?

Serious question.

Because there’s one more thing we all agree on, no matter our position on any spectrum. Things are fucked up, and we need to do better. We just have a hard time agreeing right now on what that “do better” should look like.

You know what, that’s okay. It’s going to be different for all of us. Here’s the really important part.

Choose Love.

We’ve seen what happens when we choose fear. Is that really the path we want to traverse? We can do better. I know this. You know it too. Deep down, if you genuinely want to make things better…

Choose Love.

In everything. Every choice, especially the big, important ones. Choose Love, choose Compassion.

What does that look like? I don’t know, it’s going to be different for every situation. Every. One.

Oh, also, you’re not going to be perfect at this. You’re going to stumble because as easy at it is to say…

Choose Love.

You’re going to find times when you flat don’t want to. Rage feels better because it burns away the fear. Anger feels more righteous because fearful acts have been done. You know what, I get it. I’ve been there too and made those choices. No judgement.

Maybe right now, that’s what you have to choose. It’s okay. As long as we’re all staying within the Law, no judgement. But the next time.

Choose Love.

If we truly want to Unite, and change the world for the better…

Choose Love.

Even if it hurts. Even if all you want or can do is scream and rage and cry. I’ve been there. I’ve chosen that. It even felt really good for a while.

But it didn’t. Solve. The Problem.

That only happens when you…

Choose Love.

However that looks for you.

Because we’ve seen the other side. We are living it right now.

Choose Love.

Full credit to artist for artwork.

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