How to Train Your 3-D Cat

With the whole Covid craziness, and enforced hermitage my trainer brain kicked into high gear and I challenged myself to harness train not one but both of my cats, Lilith and Taserface.


That’s really his name.

MCU all the way.

We call him Tuffy for short. Taserface is only when he’s being particularly evil.

Yeah, don’t let that pretty face fool you.

He and his sister have earned the nickname Little Fiends.

They are indoor cats. I do not allow them free roam outside. Hubby and I have talked for a while about building them a catio.

Which happened btw, and I am so excited! More on that later.

A few months ago, when the weather started getting really nice, I got the nudge to train the cats again. I’ve done some basic target training, A to B stuff. Name recognition. I about kicked myself when I realized they were perfect for harness training.

I started with Lilith. She has the more dominant personality. She doesn’t startle easily. She took to the harness like a pro, and soon we were adventuring outside.

Yay Lilith! She is a cautious walker, and wants to smell and taste everything.

She also wants to hunt bees. I’ve tried to explain that is not allowed. Being Lilith, she asked why. 

When I told her “It would hurt, bad.” She only blinked, quizzically. “What do you mean hurt bad?”

How to explain pain to a creature who’s been safe and protected her whole life?

She’s caught flying critters before. Actually, she catches them regularly. I can count on her to clean up too when any make it inside. She eats what she catches.

My little Bug Hunter. Yes, nod to Aliens for all you old-schoolers out there.

She can’t comprehend what a bee sting would be like, despite my best attempts to convey it. I settled for, “we’re going to stay away from the bee zone if you can’t keep yourself from chasing them.”

Now we avoid the fuchsia when we go out.

The 3-D part? She, like all my other pets is ascending into 3-D. This is what they’ve said, and it’s been confirmed by various non-physical beings.

This is why I never had kids of my own. I have multiple 2-D beings that are choosing to ascend with Gaia.

It’s a bit like having furry, smart toddlers, who talk back and have learned how to ask “Why?” Just…they can’t always get the answers, yet.

Among other things.

I know I’m not the only one in this situation. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got one or more of your own.

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