Xander and His Babies

Xander is my Hundred-Pound Marshmallow, a Great Pyrenees/Something-Probably-Labbish mix. He’s a gentle giant with people and small baby things.

Baby chicks especially.

My last flock of laying hens arrived about four years ago, when Xander was two.

It was love at first sight of those tiny balls of fluff. His ginormous heart melted. These babies were his. To love and protect and watch over.

But that was four years ago. I love my boy, and am convinced he is a 3D being. That’s a discussion for another time, though.

I was curious what his reaction would be now, to the newest flock. Would he be as protective? Or less interested now that he’s had four years of chickens in his life?

My new flock of six arrived in early June when they were just two days old. I picked them up from the local feed store and got them settled in their new digs.

Their new home—a cardboard box in my laundry room was all set. Heat lamp, food, water, my little chicklets would be snug and happy.

I’ve raised lots of chicks over the years. With each flock I give the same little welcome ceremony.

As I transfer each one from their transport box to their new home, I hold each one close, and offer her a little welcoming hug of loving Reiki. I coo to them, clucking like a mother hen while covering their little bodies with my hand, mimicking tucking them under Mama’s wing. I tell each one how happy I am to have her here in my family. She is loved and welcome and safe.

Each one settled deeper into my hand, happy and content. I held them all this way for a few moments before transferring gently to the shavings covering the floor of their enclosure.

This year, this flock, I observed a first.

Each chick stood perfectly still, exactly where I placed her. Asleep in many cases. It was a physical reaction to my little welcoming bath of loving, healing energy. It was the first time I’d seen such a dramatic reaction to it though. The whole little flock were all completely relaxed, asleep and snug, soaking in the Reiki I’d offered.

I felt an incredible outpouring of love and contentment from the tiny flock and was humbled. Grateful too for the opportunity to share my home with these lovely ones.

But back to Xander…

Xander’s reaction to the chicks was straight out of a movie. I’d just got the chicks settled, and they were still napping.

I called the dogs to go outside, bringing them past the chicks’ enclosure. Both dogs scented the new babies immediately. Gary was curious but quickly lost interest. Xander lingered, nose to box while Gary came and patiently sat, waiting for the door to open. I called to Xander, asking him to go sit at his station so we could all go outside. He came away from the box reluctantly.

I could see his brain working the whole time. It was amazing. He recognized the scent, but wasn’t entirely sure.

I should point out that this whole time, the chicks have been silent. Still sleeping after their arrival.

As Xander moved into his spot to sit and wait for me to open the door, the chicks start to peep.

Xander paused mid-sit, right paw lifted dramatically as his huge head swung toward the box with the first soft cheep. When the rest of the chicks chimed in his ears perked and his tail wagged slowly.

It was so dramatic, it was painful that I didn’t get it on video.

But, that’s Xander, my drama queen.

I knew I didn’t have a prayer of him completing that sit, so I released both of them and let them come over and sniff more at the box. Xander’s tail knocked against Gary’s sides furiously, and he stood up to try and peer carefully over the edge of the box. He was able to just get his nose and tilt one eye over to spy the six little fluffballs.

Oh my sweet Marshmallow Boy, he really didn’t want to leave them after that, I had to shoo him out. Then he was begging to go back inside soon as he finished his business, standing by the door. Ears perked, tail waving, hope all over his wide, handsome face in that silly grin.

He truly has the sweetest soul. And he is incredibly smart. He’s like that super smart kid, who knows what he needs to do, but just isn’t always motivated to do the work. He has the Xander way of doing things, and really isn’t very interested in other folks’ ideas of otherwise.

He also knows exactly how to manipulate me with that goofy grin.

“Please?” He asked, very nicely.

“Later.” I told him, explaining that they were very young and fragile, and I wanted them to have a good rest before meeting him. “You’re big.” I reminded him.

“I love them already.” He said. “I would never…”

“I know.” I reassured him. “But they don’t know that yet. You’ll be a good big brother and show them.”

He sighed, and his ears drooped just a little, but he came off the doorstep and back into the garden.

It had me floored, but also touched and humbled. Each time I get a strong visual and/or physical confirmation of the power and effectiveness of energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, I am grateful.

I get it.

It’s very, very easy for the skeptic to level the accusation, “It’s all in your head.”

Yeah, true.


If that is all the further a skeptic can go conceptually, then I wish them well. It’s okay, this type of information and level of consciousness is not for everyone.

Really. That’s not a bad thing. Whole other topic though.

But if you are one of those who know, who are aware, who have experienced these very same types of psychic and energetic connections you know exactly what I’m talking about.


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