Questioning Everything

Today let’s consider the question “Is there a Deep State?” as an exercise in developing discernment and critical thinking, and cultivating compassionate objectivity.

This is Part Four of my free blog-book, Guidebook to Spiritual Journeys. A roadmap to your own spirituality amid current events, and cultivating your inner Zen as a means to support your inner and outer wellbeing.

Remember earlier we talked about paranormal topics such as ghosts, UFO’s and psychic abilities. We also discussed developing discernment and critical thinking as well as tuning into the subtle messages sent from your Spirit Team.

We then broached the concept that the Earth herself is experiencing a physical and spiritual evolution that is producing global effects on the human psyche. We’ve also learned how navigating these complex and diverse topics while applying discernment and critical thinking, coupled with development of psychic talents, cultivate a refined sensitivity to truth and falsehood. 

If you haven’t read these, I highly recommend you check them out so the rest of this makes sense.

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Especially important in Part Three was the idea that the Earth herself is experiencing a massive transformation, physically and spiritually. This transformation is occurring right now. We are living it.

It’s why you’re here looking for answers.

I don’t have them. Sorry.

I have a lifetime of experiences, training and education that led me to develop a toolkit of techniques to maintain my inner Zen and pursue my spiritual path. I describe these techniques in this series, and my books.

These techniques, and my spiritual exploration led me to examine the very topics we are all so interested in. Along the way, I made key realizations.

I’m not the only one to reach these conclusions, or have these experiences.

I’m just one who’s willing to talk about them. Share them, and if it helps anyone, share my methods and processes. Including parts of my personal journey examining this particular topic.

I offer them in the hopes that you find that which helps you achieve  your highest healing good.

This time we are in, is all about expanding your awareness. Seeing the Bigger Picture.

Waking Up.

A huge part of this massive global awakening is the realization that:

  • Earth has been under the control of negatively-oriented beings, human and non-human.

In fact, having this reality slapped in your face is part of why so many are waking up right here and now.

Yeah. It’s kind of a big bite to swallow. I get it will be a huge challenge for a lot of folks.

Really. It’s okay. This is learning to look at all the data. You have to give it all a fair shake, not rely on what just the mainstream has told you.

Or not. It’s your choice all the way. I am not trying to convince anyone. That’s not what awakening is about.

Expanding your awareness, growing as a person mentally and spiritually, means confronting truths even when they are unpleasant and taking responsibility for healing.

If you remember nothing else after reading this, I want you to keep these two things in mind:

  • Everyone’s perception of current events is uniquely their own.
  • If/when information “triggers” you – stop. Acknowledge.

“Triggers” are signs of wounds/trauma that need your attention. Honor that and give yourself the attention and compassion needed to heal. You’ll find it much easier to reach objectivity. These healings frequently lead to greater awakenings.

Others perceptions are equal to their own level of awakening. We each have the choice to awaken – or not. For those who make that other choice, they will see the way events play out a very different way.

This is okay. This is free will. You choose and stay true to what resonates and aligns with you.

About personal awakenings…

I didn’t want to buy it at first. Or at least, I didn’t buy all of it. Still don’t.

“Conspiracy Theory.”

“Deep State.”

For quite some time, I was sure it was simply “bad apples” or one-offs whenever corruption at the higher levels of government or business came to light. If conspiracies happened they were small factions that quickly fell apart or were apprehended. Because that’s what I was told. Fascinating, but ultimately limited or historical.

The Deep State, I told myself, was preposterous. A funny story to scare people, or crazy people who’d been in their bunkers too long. Predictions failed, catastrophes sputtered before materializing. Conflicting reports from experts, and a sizeable dearth of scientific verification fed my skepticism. I considered that perhaps at the core was a low-level kernel of truth. However this was then magnified either deliberately or through transmission error.  Truth was then lost when the story became fantastical and absurd.

Because when I first started hearing these stories, I laughed. I knew with dead certainty there was no way my Dad and his Masonic buddies were conjuring demons in our local Temple to run the world. The entire idea was laughable, and so therefore were the early stories I heard linking Masons to the Deep State controllers. By extension and association, I dismissed the Deep State because of personal experience and knowledge at the time.

Natural,  understandable. I was also quite a bit younger and more biased in my thinking.

Now? Ready to look at the heavy questions?

Deep State is used almost daily in the mainstream media. It is still treated on the nightly news as a joke. Mostly. But it is being openly discussed as a viable entity in ever widening circles.

Does it seem reasonable to you a group of people would plot and collude together to control world resources and populations?

Or not?

Occam’s Razor and all that, right?

Why the need for secrecy, for all the dark, heavy elements associated with this Deep State? Hiding in the shadows, the men behind the curtains pull levers and push buttons that determine the fate of us below. Dominant hegemonic and divergent factions above the level of individual countries wage war using their politician servants as puppets to move armies and clash countries.

When these topics comes up in conversation, there’s always these very rational arguments.

  • That just seems like too much work.
  • No one would be able to keep that secret.
  • If that were true, it would be all over the news.
  • They disproved that, I saw it on XYZ news.
  • I trust the experts.

I know. I’ve said all those things. I didn’t have all the facts. I still don’t, btw. I don’t expect I ever will.

Do those arguments hold up? Or are they repeated because they’ve been coming out of a TV for years?

What I usually hear to dismiss the idea of an elite is…

Why? Why do we need some ultimate group of bogey-men to be responsible for all the bad things in the world? Can’t we just be dumb, and brutal savages who will end up killing each other off because that’s just how humans are?

No, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic. Spiritual and physical transformation and evolution come later. And we’ll get there. We gotta work up to it.

This is the starting point–explore the topic, and it’s validity for yourself. Merge the practices from earlier and use them to expand your knowledge and awareness.

Take a moment to think about your inner, immediate gut reaction to the idea of a Deep State.

We’ll get to the non-human part later.

Whether you think it’s bogus or a dead certainty, look closer at your stance, your reaction. It’s an emotional one, right? Visceral. I get it.

Have you ever considered though that this very gut reaction has been carefully constructed by the media you consume?

The “Deep State” or “Cabal” has become mainstream news on both sides of the political spectrum. Mock it or consider it valid, the idea that there is a group of elites, “bad” people who are sitting at the very top of the human global power pyramid is out there in the collective consciousness now.

It is a controversial topic. Most people have some opinion on it. It is also a polarizing concept. Whole factions in the population feel that adhering to certain ideologies is “wrong.” No matter where you look in today’s societal spectrum  you will find groups with strong opinions, strong words, and a lot of strong emotions.

Take the emotions out, and break it down to just bare bones facts. A curious thing happens.

Examining widely divergent data sets brings about one glaring fact.

We don’t really know exactly what’s going on.

There is also a startling coherence, even among adversarial divisions of society.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where your beliefs or personal alignments lie. At this point in time, sizeable chunks of the population along the full length of the sociopolitical spectrum have come to the following realizations:

  • Something is very fundamentally wrong with our leadership.
  • We are being systematically lied to by the mainstream media.
  • Advanced psychological techniques are being applied to control the thoughts and behaviors of the population.

Each one of these statements is absolutely true, and supported by an extensive list of verifiable facts. Check the end of the article for links and sources.

Now let’s take it one step further. It’s not even a big step.

This level of coordination is indicative of an overarching, controlling dominant power.

A global, dominant power has instituted a system of control through mandatory education and forced labor that supports the controlling hegemon. Enforced scarcity and rigid class distinctions foster envy and competition. Further subdivision and deliberate provocation keep the labor forces squabbling amongst themselves, preventing them from turning their eyes and ambitions toward the controllers.

This is not a dystopian novel. This is today. If you objectively examine ALL facts, not just the ones  you like, this conclusion becomes inescapable.

It’s not new either.

To move forward, we all have to agree to come together from all sides and figure this shit out.

Us. Down here. This is not likely to have a top-down solution. And really would you trust it if it was? This has to come from Us. The Awake.

Key to this will be stepping back from our polarity and examining all angles of a situation from an impartial, objective point of view.

The beautiful part is we each see some pieces with perfect clarity. But no one of us sees the Whole. This is why we must learn how to forge a way together. Each “side,” each faction has their own portion of the truth and collection of facts.


Means bridging those external, programmed divides; acknowledging these wounds and rifts, healing as we go. This is what it will take to confront the elites who have put this system of scarcity and lies and control into place.

The very idea that this might happen terrifies them.

Not everyone will be able to do this. It’s okay. It’s not about making everyone see this aspect of reality. It’s ensuring that the right people, the ones who resonate with this information, see it.

This is where you start asking yourself, do you truly want to help, and be part of the solution?

Then it’s time take some sort of action. However small. If you’ve been wondering how to start, expanding your knowledge is usually an excellent place.

Everything starts with a single step. It’s up to you to start and reach your own conclusions.

Either way, we’ll all learn a few things.

I get that you might find this too big a topic to take on.

Frankly it’s huge, multifaceted, and mindbogglingly complex. Remember…baby steps. Proceed at your own comfort level and pace. Feel free to choose the aspect or topic that will stretch you comfortably, not painfully. There are a multitude to choose from. These techniques will work no matter what you choose to examine.

Having trouble deciding which area to investigate? Still your mind, center, and ask your Higher Self to indicate a topic to pursue.

When you’re ready to dive in, be mindful, be deliberate, be in the right frame of mind. Strive to observe the following protocols and keep the subsequent questions and concepts in mind.

  • Take a few moments to pause, and clear your mind.
  • Take some deep cleansing breaths.
  • Consciously release any distracting thoughts.
  • Set an intention that you will open your heart and mind to looking at all facts.
  • Set the intention to stay in an open, loving heart-space, so that you might see clearly.
  • See a protective white light surrounding you.
  • Ask your Higher Self to assist you.
  • Ask to be guided to the right information for your highest healing good.

When asking your Higher Self to assist, be open and receptive to that subtle, inner nudge. It will feel like your body lights up, even if it’s just for a moment.

Hint: These “nudges” often mean your Higher Self is only calling your attention to something, and do not necessarily indicate endorsement.

Keep in mind – no matter what the source:

There are no two-minute sound-byte answers for these topics.


Our twenty-four-hour news cycle has conditioned us to passively accept the sound-byte as the dispenser of Truth. Rapid-fire stories presented both locally and nationally in about 2-3 minutes each give a glimpse of a lot of different events. This gives you the benefit of knowing about multiple events at one time. Which is good.

What is often lost sight of:

This does not provide in-depth data, only a high-level overview.

Moreover, it is frequently presented as comprehensive. Pay attention and look for that distinct slant when you are examining a source.

Exercise your critical thinking and psychic senses by first calming your mind and setting intentions.

Then, watch your favorite news, or go to your most trusted online sources. Engage your critical thinking by keeping the following concepts and questions in mind.

  • Does this give me all the facts?
  • What more is there to know?
  • Are there any phrases, or words that have no factual content, but are only there to stir emotion?

Before the homework from earlier, when was the last time you dug deeper into a news story? Have you ever?

Next, take all these factors into consideration:

  • News cycles are rapid.
  • Competition is fierce between networks.
  • Breaking News only means it’s happening now, it’s not the complete picture.
  • Follow ups to the Breaking News of the last cycle may not be exciting enough to publish.

Keeping in mind all the exercises and what we’ve discussed previously, now ask yourself this:

If you’ve only paid attention to a three-minute newscast about a complex situation—did you hear all the facts?

Exercising your critical thinking and discernment means you expand your awareness. You observe, question, trace sources, compare narratives, seek confirmations and consistencies. You refrain from judgement until you’ve done your due diligence.

This is what it means to “do the research.”

And you absolutely do so from a loving, compassionate heart-space. Set your intentions. Say prayers for guidance and protection. If you practice any form of energetic healing – Reiki, Ho’oponopono – offer them to the situation for the highest healing good of all involved if you feel so called.

Approach this work from a genuine, loving space for the good of all, respecting free will, and you can feel confident in exploring the confirmations you receive from your Higher Self.

When you start to trust this information, follow up on it, and then receive confirmation, you are building that relationship with and opening that channel of communication with your Higher Self. This will only enhance your psychic senses.

In retrospect, I didn’t necessarily go looking for the Deep State. Rather, I came to see it was in plain sight all along, and like this old movie…

I just had to use the right lens to see it.

What did I consider validation?

It was not one single, definitive proof.

Rather, it was a preponderance of evidence from multiple, often seemingly-unrelated sources.

But again, this isn’t about my belief. It isn’t even really about what I’ve experienced, although that has absolutely influenced me on every level. How can it not?

What started as questioning the official narrative of certain events at a purely 3D level led to the deeper, more philosophical and spiritual aspects of these topics. What I found was:

Ultimately, this is about healing deep wounds on a personal AND global level.

These literally cannot heal until brought out into the light and acknowledged. This is why “all this” is happening.


Sources and Topics. Single links provided as starting point only. Engage your intuition and go where your Higher Self leads you.

Mainstream Media and Who Controls It:

Project Mockingbird:

MK Ultra:

These projects are acknowledged, but also dated. The argument – “that ended years ago” is frequently used to dismiss any current examples.

However, how long did the government deny the existence of UFOs or their interest in them?

Yet, just in the last few years, we have them admitting to both.

This is evidence of deliberate misinformation provided by the government.

It’s also where you start asking, if they’ve lied about this, what else have they lied about?

We’re finding out, right now. It’s all coming out before our eyes. This is when we have to hold to our highest, most heart-centered compassionate self to engage with ourselves and others as we explore these controversial yet critical topics.


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