Trying to See the Really Big Picture

Trying to See the Really Big Picture


What’s Really Going On

This is Part Three of my free blog-book, Guidebook to Spiritual Journeys. A roadmap to cultivating your own spirituality amid current events, and maintaining your inner Zen.

Earlier, we talked about paranormal topics such as ghosts, UFO’s and psychic abilities. We also discussed discernment and critical thinking and how these can be exercised through examining all facts.

Remember that homework?

I asked you to go look up some information that contradicts one of your favorite issues. If you’re new to my series, I highly recommend you go back and read the first two so the rest makes sense.

Part One

Part Two

Did thinking about how you processed your information earlier affect how you looked at the articles that challenged your point of view?

Did you actively look for words or phrases that were heavily charged emotionally?

Did you trace linked articles back to their source?

How valid is the source of the original article? The supporting, linked articles?

How did you determine validity, or lack thereof, of the source?

These are some of the questions you need to keep in mind when you are seeking information online.

Careful training and application of discernment by asking questions like the ones above, particularly when examining topics such as psychic abilities and spirituality, can help refine sensitivity to truth and falsehood.

Keep in mind that when you read online media, what you get is quite often a mixture of both.

Can you think of a situation where you were sure one thing was true, but then later when given more information you realized you were in fact, wrong? That you had misjudged. Perhaps acted in a way that, when you saw the full picture, you later regret.

You knew some Facts. But you did not know the Truth.

Most of us can readily call to mind a personal situation that reflects this, and feel some twinges of guilt at the memory. It’s usually unpleasant to consider such things, and we humans are pretty good at avoidance behaviors when it comes to emotional or intellectual pain. Things that challenge our perception of self.

No one likes being in the wrong. It is painful to face those darker parts we’d rather not acknowledge. Entire industries circle around helping people face or avoid these darker aspects. To varying degrees of success.

The unfortunate fact is, those situations, those triggered reactions, will keep you on a cycling loop until you face and resolve them.

That meme has been my life at times. No joke.

“Doing the inner work.”

It’s a phrase you hear a lot in the spiritual community. It refers to going within, examining all the darker parts of your life and dealing with them. Healing them.

While not a new concept, it is one that is gaining wider recognition. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Why now this need to do this work, to heal these wounds?

Later, we’ll look at how doing this inner work can have a significant effect on your personal life. We’ll also dive into strong evidence to suggest when you face and heal these inner wounds, this helps to have a positive, healing effect on the larger world.

Right now, there is an ever-growing awareness in the population that something is happening.

Something big. Something earth-shifting. I’m not talking just about pandemics, or civil unrest, or the vast divide between factions in society. These are only symptoms of a global, underlying, and emerging reality.

For a number of reasons, our world, humanity as a whole, is entering into a new level of awareness and existence. This is why we are seeing such upheaval and strife today.

There is both a physical, 3D and a spiritual transformation happening.

Some call it a “war” of dark against light. Indeed it does have those polarity attributes. Mostly it is about the awakening of humanity to larger reality. Becoming fully who we as individuals and a species were meant to be.

This is taking the form of a spiritual awakening sweeping through people. It is causing tectonic shifts in people on the individual and global scales.

The entire planet is experiencing upheaval to an unprecedented degree because of this new evolutionary phase. In the very simplest of terms:  everyone is being made to look in a mirror and deal with their shit. On a spiritual level for sure, but this can, and has, spilled out into the 3D.

It does not discriminate.

Not everyone is ready, or willing to face their inner demons and pain. A significant portion of humanity spends most of their waking hours trying to bury or deny that they even have them. Up until now, a lot have been successful. Remember, no one likes to face the things that challenge their cozy world.

However to truly heal, it must be done.

The one who are having the hardest time – physically, mentally, emotionally, those who are in soul-anguish – are the ones who are screaming the loudest right now. About anything.

Literally. These are the ones with “triggers” who post all about it. The ones who have never even heard the term “inner work.”

They are the ones who are going to need the most help. They are going to need that compassion and kindness.

There is though, an ever-expanding collective of souls who are aware of this transformation. Who are seeking it. Young and old around the globe, people are realizing there’s a whole lot more going on. Instead of being terrified, they’re fascinated.

You know it, you feel it deep within. It has gripped you, and you feel almost compelled to seek answers for what has brought you to this awakened state.

When I asked my Spirit Team what needed to be put out into wide circulation to really help people awaken they said:

“These are the vital concepts that need to be placed out in the conscious awareness of your Earth. Here are the things that you, collectively are awakening to on the spiritual level, that many will find difficult to accept:

  • Earth has been under the control of negatively-oriented beings, human and non-human.
  • Earth is a conscious, sentient being.
  • Earth is evolving into a higher-level plane of existence. This is consciously-chosen, but also part of a cycle of evolution.
  • Humans are evolving as well.
  • You chose to be here, on Earth, in this very time, to go through these very personal and global experiences as a means of growing and evolving on the soul level.”

It’s a lot, I know. It challenges for many a lot of deeply entrenched beliefs. And it is happening to all of us. Right here. Right now.

No, I can’t prove it. That’s not what this is about.

You shouldn’t want me to prove it to you.

You should want to find out for yourself, heeding that call you feel in your soul.

When you find it, you’ll feel the answer in your soul. You’ll know.

Yes, You can. You can learn how to hear that inner voice so clearly you won’t have any doubts.  How to validate it for  yourself.

That’s what this is really about. This is why developing your discernment, your critical thinking is so important. Using them in tandem with your psychic/empathic senses is a way discover the true paths in  your spiritual journey.

This is playing out before us, in the extreme drama we are seeing daily in the 3D physical world. Some might call it “Biblical” or “End Times.” Some might flinch away at those labels. You might have also heard “Ascension” or “Event” or “The Great Awakening.” That is okay, truly. We all have our inner filters. This is natural and expected. This will work with any labels you like. The process is what’s important, not the name tags assigned.

However you see this world transition. Whatever your personal phase, or process, name, label, or point of view, you sense a deeper, underlying mechanism and action beneath all the crazy unfolding before us. You also sense – despite all the upheaval – the potential for a powerful and positive outcome.

And the need to help ensure the positive path.

Does that sound familiar? If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following, you are more than ready to step forward and assist in this transition.

  • Do feel a need to help others to awaken to this wider awareness?
  • Have you seen, or experienced something paranormal or had psychic experiences?
  • Do have an inner certainty that life comes in many forms?
  • Have you had a Near Death Experience (NDE)?
  • Do you feel this information is important, and should be more widely studied?

Did any of those trigger a deep reaction within? A sense of excitement? Wonder or curiosity?

You can harness that deep sense of inner knowing to guide you. Pay attention to strong emotional reactions, “gut feelings” and physical sensations such as rushing, or tingling, or like a breeze brushing against your skin when you encounter information. Especially when you are “doing your research” about how to explore these topics. They can all be signals from your Higher Self.

But yeah, it’s that subtle. Super easy to overlook. If you aren’t tuned in, or paying attention these messages are readily brushed off.

There are any number of ways Spirit, or our Higher Self will communicate.

I’ll bet you’ve been getting these little messages for some time. A flash of insight. A song on the radio from back in the day that stirs memories right before your old college friend calls out of the blue. The list goes on. You may have heard the terms confirmation and synchronicity.

On the surface, these acts are seemingly random. Certainly not every coincidence is a communication from beyond. It’s the inner, gut reaction when you receive them that makes all the difference. It may feel like your whole being lights up, it may be a silent “Yes” that rings through your core, or is heard silently deep within.

That is resonance. That is how you know you’ve encountered truth. Or at least, true for you.

You can use this same technique to help you discern information you come across on the Web. Particularly relating to matters of spirituality, psychic abilities, empaths, and Ascension. This inner reaction is a nudge from your Higher Self, pointing out something to pay attention to.

It’s there. You just have to teach yourself how to tune into it, and how to understand what it’s trying to tell you. Communications from your Higher Self in the beginning are almost always this soft.

Exercising critical thinking paired with your honed and practiced intuition are a potent combination for navigating your spiritual journey. With so many modalities of advanced work to explore, you want to have a safe and readily accessible means of determining paths that will best suit your spiritual growth.

I cover these techniques and more in my book, Essential Skills for Psychic Development, available at Amazon and other retailers.

Next chapter:   We take look at one of the biggest questions today, Is the Deep State Real?

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