Get the Most Out of Spiritual Self-Care

It’s not just about lighting a candle and sitting in a salt bath. It’s not about a day at the spa.

Don’t get me wrong. I love those things. Spa day is definitely in my top ten for Best Day Ever category. However, when the term “spiritual self-care” gets thrown around in spiritual/metaphysical circles it usually boils down to these common recommendations:

  • Ground.
  • Burn some sage.
  • Take an Epsom salt bath.
  • Get out in nature.

Those are all excellent suggestions. I use all of them. If you resonate with them too, yes, absolutely, you should use them.

Here’s the thing. If you aren’t engaging your intention and directing your will and focus while you’re cleansing, smudging, or grounding you are only dabbing at the surface of self-care. It feels lovely, but doesn’t really accomplish much. They are temporary pleasant sensations that don’t last because just waving a sage stick while Facetiming your bestie, or Vaguebooking in the bath about how bored you are don’t really clear your energies or spaces. They are only shifting some heavy or dense bits away for a while.

They tend to creep back.

Why, in the spiritual realm, do we cleanse ourselves and our spaces?

To remove the heavy, dense attachments that accumulate in our energy fields or linger in our spaces.

We are energetic beings, who are also incarnated into physical bodies. We often are not aware of, or able to perceive these psychic, etheric attachments. It is sometimes an effort for us in our 3D bodies to recognize that this is happening. These attachments, if not cleared, can have spiritual, mental, and if left in place long enough, physical effects.

If you’re not consciously recognizing and removing these attachments while you’re burning sage, or soaking in that lovely bath, you are only freshening the air and relaxing your body. Again, lovely in and of themselves, but you’re not getting maximum effect.

To cleanse your energy means you must focus on that energetic body as you are doing the cleansing.

It’s hard to remember though. We are so easily distracted here in the 3D realm. I get it. I do. I’m guilty of it too. It happens. The trick is to recognize that you need to stop and do some spiritual self-care.

Today, was a perfect example.

I had a long day at work. I worked straight through, no lunch, trying to make a thing happen. In the end, I couldn’t. Not my fault, not anyone’s fault, just not possible. It’s all good.

But I was drained. And hungry. My head was pounding. It was also quiet time at home and I had a ton of writing projects and stuff to do and this was an ideal time.

But I hesitated. In that space of my hesitation, I got the subtle nudge to go shower and do an energy cleanse.

I checked, and sure enough, I had a bunch of psychic and energetic debris attached to my aura, draining me.

There were any number of projects, or chores, or task-y things that might have been considered “higher priority,” but laundry and dishes were not emergencies at the moment.

Taking care of psychic and energetic health is just as important as frequent hand washings. Seeing the energetic residue of a long, and stressful day was like looking at hands dirtied from doing a day’s worth of gardening.

You’re gonna want to give them a good scrub.

It’s the same thing with your energies. Cleansing your energies can have a direct effect your well-being, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

It worked for me. Clearly it also works for a whole bunch of other folks, because you can find the advice on almost every spiritual blog and social media group. “Do your self-care” is a spirituality mantra these days.

That’s because it works. If you do it consciously, with intention.

I followed the prompting of my intuition. I went and did a thorough energy cleanse. I grounded, centered, and scrubbed my aura until the energies shone. When I was done, I was renewed. My headache was gone, I wasn’t so ravenous anymore, and my whole being vibrated with relief and relaxation.

Learn to trust your intuition, and follow the subtle promptings when you get them. If you get a psychic nudge or prompt to do self-care, or cleanse your space—you should pay attention. These are messages from your Higher Self.

We so often pass them off as “just a hunch” or “only a coincidence” when in fact these are direct communications from your highest vibrational being. If you learn to tune into them, pay attention, and follow through, you’ll find yourself naturally falling into the habit of communicating with your Higher Self.

Are you getting the most from your self-care? Looking for ways to boost your smudging and cleansing practices?

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I’d love to gift you my book, Fundamentals of Psychic Development, first in my new series. Click the link below to sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy.

My newsletter will give you helpful tips for growing your psychic abilities, pathways for your spiritual journey, as well as information about my new book releases.

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