Animal Souls

I was working on scheduling posts today, and had scrolled waaaay back in Photos, looking for the right shot. And came across this picture:

The Lab is Golly, and the kitteh using her as his pillow is Sage. Both crossed the Rainbow Bridge some time ago. This pic, you can tell, both lived long lives. Golly we lost at 10, which is about middlin’ for Labs. Her story is one I still can’t write. One day.

Sage, my sweet old soul, made it 20. Which even for an indoor kitty is pretty damn long. He was the last original, one of the four who made the Big Move with me back in 2002 from San Diego to Seattle.

I showed the pic to Hubby, and we both had an “Awwwww” moment.  He tried to brush it under, “I have Gary now” but his face still crumpled.

It still hurts. Even though all this time has passed and new furkids have come into our family. It still hurts.


It was worth it. It will always be worth it.

I told him, “That’s why we do it. We love them, knowing we’re going to lose them. But still we love them, and let them go. Then love the next one, opening our hearts again.”

That is the magic of our animal companions. They teach us how to open up our hearts after heartbreak and love again.

These two came into the family October of 2017. My little fiends. On the left is Lilith, on the right is her brother, Taserface. Yeah. I know. Hubby picked the name. MCU all the way!

Both are reincarnated cats who’ve returned for another lifetime. Taserface is Sage, and Lilith is Magic. Both came to me in spirit form, letting me know they wanted to return. Told me they would let me know when and where. They let me know they would come back as brother-sister, and that I would “just know.”

I started watching a local rescue group’s website. One Saturday, there were a lot of kittens. “Today” whispered in my mind. Did not get a strong sense of which ones, but off we went. Got there before they opened. Went in, went straight to their little enclosure and saw their birth-date, August 4th.

Mom’s birthday.

“We’ll take these!” We told the adoption specialist.

The fluffy little male’s back was to me when the clear plexiglass he was curled against swung open. He turned his head, glancing over his shoulder to look me in the eye.

“Oh. There you are.” His mental voice-so familiar-sighed in my mind when I gently ran my fingers through his downy fur. He started purring immediately and snuggled closer as I cradled him to my heart. “Welcome home.” I silently whispered back. He purred harder.


The question of “do animals have souls” is one that is often much debated. Usually by people who have not managed to achieve that close bond with an animal companion.

Almost universally, “animal people” bond to their companions and report immense benefits, backed up by solid data, from this close relationship. The science is in, humans benefit emotionally and physically from these close human-animal bonds.

To which most animal people typically shrug, and say “Welcome to the party.” We’ve known that forever.

But what about the animals themselves?

Pet parents are quick to point out their furkids intelligence. The internet is full of heartwarming videos and stories of companion animals exhibiting undeniable intelligence and compassion. Ongoing research into animal intelligence reveals they are more complex than previously thought.

For the spiritually minded, and psychically sensitive there is no question of souls in our animal companions. It is accepted. Sage’s return as Taserface is not unusual; many sensitives report being able to sense that animal companions have reincarnated to share further lifetimes with their much-loved humans.

No matter what spiritual paradigms and practices you align with, the idea of reincarnation is generally accepted as a process for humanity’s soul learning and evolution. There is some conflict between traditions regarding whether animals have individual souls such as humans versus a sort of hive mind/oversoul for each species of animal.

What if it’s both? Personally this has been validated by the animals I’ve had direct contact with as well as my team of spirit guides. I was informed by many different animals under my care this was a means for them to grow and evolve further. They chose to enter physical bodies that put them in proximity to humans. Other psychics have reported receiving similar information.

In particular, The Law of One had this to say on the subject of pets:

14.1 Questioner: Going back over this morning’s work, [inaudible]. You said the second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through higher second-density forms invested by third-density beings. Could you explain what you mean by this?

Ra: I am Ra. Much as you would put on a vestment, so do your third-density beings invest or clothe some second-density beings with self-awareness. This is often done through the opportunity of what you call pets. It has also been done by various other means of investiture. These include many so-called religious practice complexes which personify and send love to various natural second-density beings in their group form.

You can read the original Here, and more. If you are not familiar with The Law of One-briefly it is a series of channelings that took place from 1981 to 1984. The group channeled were highly evolved spiritual beings identifying themselves as Ra. It’s quite dense, but well worth further investigation. 

In short, this passage says that humans who have pets are helping those animal souls evolve toward higher consciousness. Just as we humans are striving to evolve toward higher consciousness.

In our animal companions we have the opportunity to experience unconditional love. This depth of compassion and connectedness is profound if you allow yourself to fully experience what our animal companions can teach.


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