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There is a concept in the spirituality-metaphysical-paranormal-supernatural communities known as Ascension, or sometimes the Event. It’s described as the expansion and elevation of consciousness in humanity.

In short, it’s an evolutionary leap.

I know. It’s a big concept. I am not going to even attempt to explain it here. I can’t. The subject is too big. Let’s just say there’s enough information out there that makes it look like this Ascension might be for real.

Depending on how you define it.

You probably already have an idea what I’m talking about, it’s why you clicked the link. You’ve heard of Ascension, the Disclosure topic. Read the blogs, watched some videos. Found out there’s a whole bunch of people who share your experience.

We also have a few other things in common.

  • Compassion. We genuinely want to make the world a better place. For everyone. Literally.
  • Intuition. We feel, we know, we experience things with more than just the standard five senses.
  • Awareness. We recognize there’s more to how this world works than just what we’ve been told.

Are you getting a sense of urgency? That it’s time to act? Now! Because it’s not enough to just read the blogs, and listen to the podcasts. Is it?

Have you noticed that there seem to be more and more of us every day? More people having extraordinary experiences that the mainstream would think sound totally nuts. Except…

We live in a world where UFO’s are confirmed by the Navy, and scientists say we’ll find alien life in the next 20 years. Admissions that just a few years ago would’ve triggered major side-eye if it was you making the announcements instead of government agencies.

We also live in a world where the concept of consciousness has undergone a radical expansion. Discussion of mind-expanding experiences, multiple dimensions, and the survival of consciousness after physical death is no longer the purview of hippies and freaks. It’s in boardrooms, and explored by cutting-edge research.

How freakin cool is that? With social media, suddenly we aren’t the weirdest kid in class anymore. Even better, the Internet has helped us unite in a way that was never possible before. It’s allowed us to freely exchange ideas, concepts, experiences, and fostering an expansion in the perception of reality.

With that has come recognition that this physical existence is not the be-all, end-all of what is typically thought of as “real.” That the idea of multiple dimensions has progressed from fantasy to reality acts as confirmation of what mystics, shamans, and intuitives have known for millennia.

I’m talking about psychic abilities as a function of the non-locality of our multidimensional consciousness.

In other words, we’re psychic because we are more than just this physical vessel. We are a multidimensional consciousness having a 3D life experience as a human on Earth. We’re psychic because we have a permanent connection to our multidimensional self, also known as our Higher Self. This multidimensional self has access to a greater volume of knowledge and awareness, and passes this information down to us as hunches, or coincidence, or flashes of insight.

What you do with that information, is up to you.

You can develop your psychic abilities. It’s a matter of time and consistency practicing  techniques and skills. Keep in mind though, exploring your consciousness and psychic abilities is not for everyone. You have to be willing to face your darker half—and learn to love and heal it. That’s a lot to ask.

It’s also literally why you incarnated on this planet.

The choice remains yours. This is a free will Universe.


If you’re ready to start, my book is written for you.

Essential Skills for Psychic Development releases on 4/4/2020 across most digital outlets. It is available for pre-order now.

This book is for:

  • Those starting on their spiritual journey.
  • Empaths
  • Seekers who wish to explore natural human psychic abilities.
  • Experiencers looking for ways to expand and clarify interactions with psychic and paranormal phenomena.

It covers:

  • The Three Primary Skills that are critical to psychic practice.
  • Passive and Active Grounding.
  • Exchanging energy with Mother Earth, Gaia,
  • Clearing your aura, and recharging energetic batteries.
  • Centering—fosters greater awareness of and connection to Higher Self.
  • Developing discernment—vital to growth and progress in spiritual and psychic realms.
  • Introduction to Protections.

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