I Am That Kind of Medium

I won’t be the medium to rush up and tell you where Aunt Tilly buried the gold or give you “messages from beyond.”

I am the medium who will encourage you to talk to Aunt Tilly and get the message yourself.

What’s that?

You don’t know how? You’re scared to talk to dead people? You’re not sure you believe it?

So many people say, “oh I could never do that” – meaning they can’t talk to spirits, or access their psychic senses.

In as few words as possible:  Yes, you can.

The real question is not “can you-can’t you.” The real question is, “do you want to?”

If your answer is “No I don’t want to” that’s okay. There are plenty of folks out there who will do it for you. (Side note, they’re doing the work, they deserve fair compensation for it-but that’s a whole other topic).

However, if you’re looking into these topics, you are probably curious if you could do some of the psychic stuff yourself.

Developing your psychic, intuitive senses is an adventure. An exploration of yourself, and the unseen astral realms. It will require you to acknowledge parts of yourself you might not want to look at, or dredge up old hurts and demand they be healed.

You are “here” because you’re curious and clicked a link. Which means, you’re a seeker. Something about the words, or the topic got you interested enough to click through, and you’re still here.

Had a few too many “coincidences” to be able to call them that anymore? Seen things you can’t explain? Unusual lights in the sky? Large, looming figures that aren’t human out on a hike? You pretend not to notice that shadow that shouldn’t have moved, in the one room of the house that’s always cold?

You’re still reading because you’re aware that there is a whole lot more to reality than just what comes in through the standard five senses. This heightened awareness might be new to you, or maybe you’ve had suspicions, but lately it’s become obvious that things that you might have once dismissed or scorned are indeed very real.

And you want to know more.


If you’re ready to start exploring expanded awareness and abilities, my book is written for you.

Essential Skills for Psychic Development releases on 4/4/2020 across most digital outlets. It is available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Second in my Psychic Development series, this book is for:

  • Those starting on their spiritual journey.
  • Empaths
  • Seekers who wish to explore natural human psychic abilities.
  • Experiencers looking for ways to expand and clarify interactions with psychic and paranormal phenomena.

It covers:

  • The Three Primary Skills that are critical to psychic practice.
  • Passive and Active Grounding.
  • Exchanging energy with Mother Earth, Gaia,
  • Clearing your aura, and recharging energetic batteries.
  • Centering—fosters greater awareness of and connection to Higher Self.
  • Developing discernment—vital to growth and progress in spiritual and psychic realms.
  • Introduction to Protections.


PreOrder yours today!

Click Here for Amazon

Want to see if my methods are for you?

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