Discernment and the Truth

We know what logic, data, and analyses tell us. We know what we are told in academic institutions and news releases. Which are all necessary parts of being an informed, awake, and aware human in society today.

However—does academia know everything? Does science? Do the talking heads on TV who distill this information, and dole it out in corporate-approved packets tell us the whole story? Do we get the full Truth from them?

Discernment is your inner compass, your own inner knowing and guidance that reveals Truth. Even though this Truth might fly in the face of what is commonly accepted.

Part of discernment is mindfulness. Awareness that your actions may have implications down the line. Awareness of your own inner state, energies, and how they react to external triggers. Learning to recognize your internal reactions, analyze and correlate them to these triggers is how you hone your discernment.

When I was growing up back in the 1970’s and 80’s (yeah, I’m that old) I was crazy for space. Read anything I could. Mom and I would get up early and watch the shuttle launches live.

It always sorta bummed me out, but I accepted the current wisdom of the time that said Earth was the only planet with life. Every other planet in the solar system is a dead, icy ball. Except for those inner planets which cooked at hellish temperatures.

Back then, I kinda thought they might be wrong. I wanted them to be wrong, but I was also a very analytical and science-minded kid. I took what academia said as unquestionable fact. My gut and emotions said one thing, but my brain said another and overruled them.

Today, as I write this in 2020 we have new data, from the machines we’ve sent out to visit these planets, that contradicts the dead icy world theory. Analyses of photographic images, chemical, and thermal data indicate that life is not only possible on multiple bodies in the solar system, but probable. Right now. {Pssst – there’s actually a whole lot more that’s been discovered and covered up, but that’s for another time.}

My teenage gut reaction, we had life in our solar system, was right.  I had discerned the Truth but was not ready for it.

Notice though. This information is not presented to the masses in an open manner. The media has historically buried, dismissed, and disregarded accounts of life elsewhere, frequently pairing the idea of extraterrestrial life with derogatory humor. This has been a deliberate perpetuation and reinforcement in the mind of the populace that no life exists anywhere but right here on Earth.

How does that paragraph make you feel? What was your gut reaction?

  • Heck yeah! Life is everywhere and we’ve been misled about that fact.
  • Oh no freaking way is that right!

If you’re here, reading this, chances are good you got the first reaction. If not though; if your gut screamed, “Nope, nope, nope” and you cannot accept the idea of life elsewhere? Well, your first question might be  – what brought you here, to my little corner of the digital world?

If you were genuinely curious but triggered by my statement challenging the status quo and the reliability of mainstream outlets – that might be something you want to explore deeper.

Because determining Truth is often about determining what is True for You. We are led to these areas that need further exploration by the very triggers that send deep tremors through our being.

Before you just wave me off as espousing pure wish-fulfillment – hear me out.

Many Truths are True for you. Remember in Return of the Jedi, when Obi-Wan says, “Many of the Truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.”


Sometimes, we are exposed to information that challenges our worldview. Our comfortable paradigm is rocked, and depending on how deep the belief goes well, our level acceptance ranges from “Ok, cool” to “No fucking way!” Some information, we need to spend some time with to truly grasp it. What looks ridiculous initially, after careful review and examining all facts, becomes far more plausible.

This is exercising your discernment. Being able to take in new information, and examine it objectively, while still honoring and paying attention to your own inner reactions.

Exercising your discernment, especially when researching the paranormal is key. In the spiritual and metaphysical realms, it gets really weird really fast. We are delving into a world that has been hidden, obscured from us deliberately. A world inhabited by other intelligences, who may or may not like you. Who may or may not tell you the Truth.

Using your discernment in these situations will help you navigate these realms, and determine if the information you get is accurate for you.

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