Paranormal and UFO Disclosures

I’ve been told, quite specifically, by my Spirit Team that sharing my experiences is important, and that the best way to share them is to write.

So this is me, writing. Moving into 2020 is going to be about getting words on the page about the paranormal realm. You can expect these types of posts from me:

  • Paranormal – anything under this umbrella term. Ghosts, Psychic Abilities, UFO’s, Conspiracies, Cryptids, it’s all fair game.
  • Spiritual and Psychic Development – tips, techniques, and methods for enhancing your spiritual journey.
  • Animals – Animals companions and animal communication.

And speaking of UFO’s. Did you catch how the Navy up and admitted that they’re real? Yep, straight up said they’ve been tracking them, and are instituting better methods of reporting them. This might be old news to you Or maybe you haven’t seen these articles, both from 2017:

Navy Pilot Says UFO He Saw Off California Was ‘Not of This World’ – Time

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program – New York Times

In the intervening years fresh controversies have arisen over the released info, but the basic disclosure – UFO’s are real – has not been challenged. Indeed further evidence of this disclosure trajectory happened just in the last few months with the Navy admitting to having patents for advanced craft that operate across the domains of air, water and in space as well as high output energy devices that power them. The Navy has asserted these patents are not just theoretical, but operable.

No joke. Disclosure is real, and it’s really happening. Despite the naysayers and dismissive scoffers, the Navy has gone on the record about all of the above.

Don’t believe me? I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to go out, do your own research and see if these claims hold up for you. I’m only pointing out the data.


Here’s another couple articles that talk about these new patents and technologies. Both are from The Drive and were just published this year:

Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances

Navy’s Advanced Aerospace Tech Boss Claims Key ‘UFO’ Patent Is Operable

The more eyes we have on these subjects the better, skeptical and believers. Everyone can learn something new.

Yes, it’s a veritable minefield out there of information. There are a ton of researchers, insiders, skeptics, and experiencers out there telling their stories, documenting their evidence, writing (*waves hand*) and talking about it.

The UFO Community is out there in more ways than one. Conflicting reports, predictions, and claims that frankly strain credulity at times are just part of this wonderfully diverse part of the paranormal realm. The reams of data can be intimidating.

The exciting part – the actual admission by the Navy – has largely been recognized with a yawn by the big news outlets. To the UFO Community though? It’s been a bombshell.

Opening our eyes and mind to these possibilities is an adventure. Sometimes it fun, exciting, and reinforcing. Others it’s disappointing and de-motivational. Why it’s an “adventure.” We are here for a reason, we chose this awakening journey, and we knew from the start it was going to be a wild ride. Exercising discernment, keeping an open mind while still maintaining critical thinking will be key to navigating the times to come.

Be ready to have your paradigms challenged. Maybe something you thought “absolute” will be shown to have no substance. Or maybe a “story” thought utterly ridiculous will prove valid. True flexibility and growth comes from being able to look at challenging data objectively. Dropping that lens of prejudice, “well, that can’t happen” is hard. It’s okay.

The paranormal is a mixed bag. “Hard evidence” for the various phenomena are very hard to come by, and are often challenged or dismissed even when it comes with sterling credentials.

Going back to the examples above about UFO’s and the Navy disclosures. How many decades have we heard that “the government” has advanced technology they don’t tell us about? Now the Navy has come forward with these two patents.

The Drive articles do a good job of describing the issues still to be addressed, and call the whole situation “puzzling.” In short, the patents have been rejected, and are on appeal. Naval Aviation Enterprise Chief Technology Officer Dr. James Sheehy has vouched that the devices  are “operable and enabled” which is significant.

It also begs the most obvious question – if they’re operable, let’s see them. Right?

What if they can’t produce? Just another inflated claim that can’t be verified. Move along.

But what if they can? One of the devices is a room temperature superconductor. How long has that been a holy grail?

Then the questions get a whole lot more deep and interesting. I’m not going to even pretend to understand the science. Apparently even PhD physicists can’t understand it. Which is a very uncomfortable place for them, I’m sure.

There’s plenty of speculation on the origins of these patents, and their links to UFO’s, back engineered technology, and secret space programs. None of which has been claimed officially by the Navy at this time.

But the questions remain. Nor does it take huge leaps to link the current patents to the UFO realm. Speculation true, but with these patents, are they so far fetched, now?

There are decades of accumulated sightings of triangle shaped craft. The triangle-shaped HAUC named in the patents, is alleged to operate in space as well as underwater and in the atmosphere. UFOs and USOs could be accounted for by sightings of this reportedly operable vehicle. The fantastic claims of a secret space program with ships that regularly ply interplanetary or even interstellar space suddenly seem less fantastic in the light of these developments.

There’s the crux of the issue. The paranormal realm is so diverse, is so challenging to so many tightly held beliefs, that it’s hard for most to accept that fantastic things can be real.

Except – fantastic things ARE real. We who’ve experienced them know this intimately. Not everything that is real exists in peer-reviewed journals, nor is all phenomena reproducible in a lab. That doesn’t necessarily make them fake or nonexistent.

Sometimes it just takes time for technology and science to catch up to what experiencers have known all along.


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