Did you miss it? July 8 is World Disclosure Day!

Most, if not all, UFO enthusiasts, researchers, and listeners of late night talk radio have heard the term Disclosure. It refers generally to the public acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth by the government.

The idea of Disclosure is super sexy. The press crowding in for the presidential briefing – Lights! Camera! Aliens! Whee! Media Circus! Discussions can get very heated even amongst UFO enthusiasts about Disclosure. Will it happen? When? This year? Never? Have They been hiding what they know? Do They know anything at all?

“Oooo! She’s cray-cray! Talking about aliens and conspiracies.” Insert twirling finger next to your ear here.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I want you to think for yourself. This post isn’t about convincing you, or providing absolute proof. It’s about opening up your mind.

It’s time to start seriously considering the UFO question. If you’re worried about looking silly to your neighbor, chances are they’re already ahead of you. Multiple polls show that most Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life; those numbers range from 56% to over 70%, and almost half believe aliens have visited the Earth at some point in time. Not feeling so crazy now, are you?

Don't worry, you're in good company.
Don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Acknowledging the reality of intelligent alien life doesn’t require mystical belief. According to NASA, we will have proof of alien life within the next 20 years. The search for planets capable of sustaining life outside our solar system has proven fruitful beyond even the most hardened sci-fi fan’s wildest dreams. Finding life even closer to home – Mars, the moons of Saturn and Jupiter – becomes increasingly more likely the more we learn about them.

There are then, three basic premises to consider.

Let’s look at each of these statements individually.

Intelligent extraterrestrial life is visiting the Earth.

At this point the number of eyewitness testimonials is uncountable, going back as far as humankind has been recording history.

Is every picture, report or video real? Each one will have it’s believers and deniers. Some will be obvious, some will not stand up to forensic scrutiny. But some will, and some have. It is statistically impossible for every case to be fake. Project Bluebook alone, widely considered to be more of a PR mission than a true investigation, had 701 cases it could not explain.

These cases continue to mystify:



“It only takes one white crow to prove not all crows are black.”

“Why don’t we have physical proof if they’ve landed?” Take a look at the links at the end of my post for information on the thousands of cases where physical traces have been found. Burn marks, impressions of landing gear, even changes to plant life in the area have all been studied.

Earth governments are aware of the fact.

Multiple governments have released documents showing that persistent, on-going investigations and documentation are taking place. France, the U.K., Canada, New Zealand even the U.S. have released declassified documents detailing UFO encounters from civilian, military and intelligence individuals and organizations.

Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense for Canada has publicly stated that governments are aware of, and in contact with extraterrestrials. Astronauts have described seeing extraterrestrial craft and beings. Nick Pope with the U.K. Ministry of Defense has frequently spoken about government involvement. Deathbed confessions by scientists who formerly worked within the military-industrial complex attest to government involvement in retrieval of crashed vehicles, bodies of aliens and then back-engineering the recovered technology.

A conspiracy to hide that fact from the general population is in place.

Governments hide things all the time.

In Roswell, the ‘flying disk’ became a ‘weather balloon’ on July 8, 1947, and a decades-long cover-up began.

“Where are the whistleblowers?” NASA employees, physicists, astronauts, military pilots, politicians, engineers, government employees… and the list keeps growing! Lots and lots of people are talking, are telling their stories, but the mainstream media is not giving them the airtime. It’s left to independent researchers, bloggers and the Internet to disperse their messages, and the word is getting out there.

“Why cover it up at all?” In 1960, NASA commissioned a study, carried out by the Brookings Institution, on “Peaceful Space Activities.” While it did not specifically state that information about extraterrestrial intelligent life should be withheld, the study did point out that within our own history, contact between races with widely divergent technological capabilities did not go so well for the less-technically endowed.

That would be us.

The Brookings Report is frequently cited as the justification for continuing the cover-up that began in 1947.

There is at this point a preponderance of evidence on the side of a government conspiracy to hide UFO information from the public. The argument could easily be made that the slow trickle of documents and admissions is a form of slow disclosure – little bits of information released with little to no fanfare that gradually percolate into general knowledge. Programs such as Ancient Aliens, and Aliens:  The Definitive Guide are tailor made to bring the idea of alien visitation into everyone’s home.

Take your time. Peruse through the links below. Did you find something that surprised you?


Helpful linkies for further reading:









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  1. Great blog! It’s clear you put a lot of time reaching and providing links. Tha k you! Very interesting!

  2. Loved this post and thanks for the links. I’m going to go through them shortly.
    I’ve been fascinated by aliens since I was a kid. I loved ET, The X-Files and the teen tv show Roswell. I do believe there’s intelligent life out there but I’m not quite convinced extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth, but I’m open minded.

    1. There is a really surprising amount of good evidence out there. There’s also a whole lot of crap. The trick is in the sifting. I have respect for Stanton Friedman, and Steven Greer but what really gets me are the military reports like Rendlesham.

      I went to one site that proclaimed they’d solved the mystery of Rendlesham but it was a lone guy 20 years after the fact who said he’d played a joke running the flashers on top of his patrol cruiser. Yet failed to explain the physical traces on the ground, and effects on people. Or the one airman who touched the craft and has had his health compromised!

      Happy reading!

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