I was tagged by WANA buddy and God of Thunder Tour Promoter for Thor, Debra Kristi, in the 7-7-7 Game.  Thanks, Debra!  She rocks as writer: Debra will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think.  Make sure you check out her terrific blog, Sparks in the Fire, and follow the adventures of Thor as he tours the Earth.  He’ll be making another pass through the Evergreen State shortly.  I’m preparing my household now for the Asgardian’s visit.

In the 7-7-7 Game you go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript, count down 7 lines and then paste the next 7.  My current WIP is so new it doesn’t even have a working title yet, but, here’s a little peek:


“Lo siento, senorita, but I work nights and need to sleep all day.  I can’t.”  He shrugged, and looked away.  “Unless you can pay more than my job now.”  He hinted.  Lily couldn’t, and embarrassed she held her persuasions.  He shook his head, again.

“Lo siento.”  He repeated.  Lily was grateful he stuck around to help the rest of the day.

The herd was in frightful shape, physically, emotionally and metaphysically.

When they finished up that first day, Lily had no time to work on the heavy energies weighing the horses down.  She activated every ward she had on the barn and even called in a couple of astral allies to guard the injured horses when she crawled under the covers that first night.

Caring for the desperately wounded horses, shielding them psychically and magically took it’s toll on Lily.  Their medical care was intense, and Lily could not even begin to disable the dark energies clinging to the herd.  She could only continue to keep them shielded and the strain was draining her rapidly.  She slept in the barn in short bursts, when she could sleep.

Lily had no idea how she was going to fix this.


That’s a few more than 7 lines, I know.  Always give more, that’s my motto.


Speaking of more…I was listening to past shows of Coast To Coast AM recently, and the geneticist who says she has isolated Bigfoot DNA was the guest.  I wrote about Bigfoot recently, and mentioned the press release from this woman’s company.  I said in that post that I was reserving judgement until I saw the data published in a peer-reviewed journal.  I figured that was the last I’d hear of it.  I was wrong.

The show aired on December 23, 2012, and it was a real eye-opener to listen to this woman speak.  Dr. Melba S. Ketchum is no lightweight.  She is a veterinarian, a genetics researcher and she founded a company called DNA Diagnostics in 1985 that offers services in human and animal forensics, paternity testing and disease diagnostics to name just a few.  In the interview, she stated categorically that she was not a believer in Bigfoot before she began this project.  She also said that this discovery has caused such traumatic upheaval in her life that, when host George Knapp asked her “if she had the choice, would she do it again” her “No!” was immediate.

In her opinion, her proof is conclusive, she has isolated the genome of a previously unknown human hybrid.  That the mitochondrial DNA is unquestionably of modern humans, and that there are DNA segments that are unknown to any current database.  She states these are a tribe of humans, that they should be immediately protected, and all ‘Bigfoot hunts’ should be stopped.  Needless to say, she has irritated a large body of Bigfoot researchers whose bread and butter relies on hunting Sasquatch.  Not everyone, it seems, is thrilled with her research or her statements.

She could not describe her research protocols, or give a lot of details because her paper is currently under review for publication.  She was fully confident in the paper being accepted, but did qualify that if it was not, she would publish the data publicly.  I was persuaded by her testimony.

Don’t let me sway you though.  Listen for yourself.  Skip to minute 41 for the Dr. Ketchum’s interview.  The first hour is interesting, but unrelated to this topic.

It’s over 2 hours long, but it if you interested in Bigfoot, you’ll enjoy this.   Put it on in the background while you’re cooking dinner or doing dishes, that’s how I listen.  Then come back and let me know what you think.


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  1. Yay, I made it. I don’t know what happened earlier Serena. It was probably me. Anyway, I like the snipet of your novel. And you left us hanging! Thanks a lot! Sounds like you will be receiving a visitor soon. That Thor guy sure gets around. Look what Debra started. I can’t wait to find out where he’ll be next. Interesting info on BigFoot Serena. I know you’ll keep us informed. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Karen! That WIP is definitely in the very rough stage; glad you liked it. 🙂 I am really interested in following this Bigfoot research. How cool would it be if her science proves them once and for all?

      1. She does sound convincing but until her research/paper is reviewed and substantiated, we won’t know if there is any truth to her findings. The problem seems to be with the samples she’s working from.
        I guess I just have a hard time believing that a Being like this could hide from the world in 2013.
        Listening to this got me Googling though, and not just about Bigfoot, but I went looking for info on the first humans to appear in North America… Fascinating subjects as always, thanks Serena.

      2. Thanks for your thoughts, Emma. I know what you mean. I was encouraged that she freely admitted her project had been infiltrated, and that some known hoaxers submitted material. She was pretty clear that she had eliminated such items from the final findings. However, I suppose it’s not inconceivable that other malicious samples could have been submitted and she didn’t catch them. If/when her findings are published I will re-post on this again. I have a feeling the Coast to Coast host will follow up on this.

        I’ve heard of other cryptids, such as the wolfmen in Michigan, who appear and disappear. It’s been suggested that they, and Bigfoot, have the ability to move between dimensions. I have a harder time with that, because my rational, science-trained brain just can’t quite accept it. But my emotional brain, my metaphysical brain just LOVES the idea. 🙂

  2. I listened to the whole interview. Fascinating stuff. And your snippet dropped enough curious bits to have me wondering what’s going on. I look forward to the day your telling us about your book coming out..

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