Eye Candy Sunday

Just to mix things up, I thought I’d give the ladies out there a little mental break.  If you’ve been working furiously over the computer, take a moment and scroll through these fine examples of masculinity.

I love hunky werewolves.


Not into the sometimes furry?  How about godlike?



Or if you don’t like fantasy, and prefer sci-fi there’s Battlestar Galactica’s own Apollo.



I’m a little afraid to put up any more.  Don’t want to melt anything.  Enjoy!  And then back to work…











Serena Dracis, Author

I'm a lot of things. A Reiki Master-Teacher, a psychopomp, a medium. Once I was a trainer of exotic animals, once I worked in hospitals. Now I'm a writer. I write about the paranormal, the weird, the fringes. I write non-fiction and fiction, sharing my own life experiences as well as creating new worlds. Come in and explore!

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  1. Lena Corazon

    After spending the day with my dissertation, I sorely needed this wonderful break with three of my favorite men. Thanks, Serena!

  2. Diana Murdock

    Can you deliver one of these to my doorstep? Preferably with only a little red bow. 🙂

  3. Emma

    Hard to go back to work now 🙂

  4. Patricia

    That all works for me! (wiping drool from keyboard) Thanks.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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