Credit where credit is due:

Our world is a lot stranger than you might think.  Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster and more have been a part of our society’s framework for decades.  But have you ever noticed that when any of these extra-normal topics surface, people tend to lower their voices, as if they were talking about something shameful?  There’s still a social stigma attached to ‘those types’ of discussions.  You can find on the interweb as many who disbelieve and debunk as those who have eyewitness, firsthand, or photographic evidence.  My goal is to try and break up that stigma.

What is the truth?  That is something we all have to decide for ourselves.  No, not every sighting, picture or video is real.  Obviously.  But with the body of digital data and eyewitness events growing by leaps and bounds, is right to just dismiss everything out of hand?  I’d like to offer up that we should instead be looking at and considering this rapidly growing body of data.  Science can hold the key, but science does not have all the information.  We are not reaching for the peak of all we can know, rather it is an ever-expanding pool.

Personally, I have firsthand knowledge that there is a larger reality than is currently accepted, because I can see and talk with those who live on the ‘other side.’  With Weird Weekends, I want to bring to you the strange, the out-there, the unbelievable, and the mystical.  I hope you will look at these with a fresh and open eye.

Can we talk about aliens?  It’s one of my favorite subjects.  When I was a kid in grade school learning about the solar system, I was taught that ours is the only planet with water, with life.  I was even told that it was highly likely that Earth was the only planet with any life.  That life was so incredibly complex, and the conditions on Earth just so unique that the odds were against it developing anywhere else.  I was told there was no way to travel between the stars because of the incomprehensible distance separating them.  There would be no light- or warp speed.  Childhood dreams crushed under the vicious bootheel of scientific reality.  Sigh.

Not really.  The dreams just matured.

We have managed to lob satellites to fly by all the planets and moons circling our little sun.  We’ve even dropped landers on some of them.  Guess what our little robot friends are finding?

This is not Earth, this is Mars. Pretty, isn’t it?
Credit where credit is due:

Like Curiosity on the Martian surface.  Just this week, it sent back pictures of an ancient streambed, verifying that at one time water flowed freely on Mars.  Satellite images returned from orbit show what is likely seasonal flows of water on the surface.  And as we already know, where there’s water, there’s life.  I think it’s pretty cool that within my lifetime we’ll likely have verification of life on other planets.  That’s pretty incredible when you think about it; in just 3 decades we’ve gone from being certain we were alone, to postulating life on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

We are only one system on the outer rim of a galaxy comprised of billions of these systems.  The Kepler Mission is finding that planets circle nearly every star it looks at, and Kepler is only looking at one tiny segment of the sky.  It is only a short time until they find Earth’s twin circling a distant sun.  It is not just likely, but probable that advanced, intelligent life has evolved ‘out there’ in the cosmos.  The next question then is, have they ever come here?

That’s just one of many ‘best of’ ufo videos out there.  I particularly like the footage of the discs in the sun.  Are they real?  You decide.  Some of the clips are more compelling than others.

Why would they come here?  Why not land and introduce themselves?  Seems kind of stupid to fly a bajillion miles across interstellar space to just draw a design in the grass and fly back.  Right?

Credit where credit is due:

Why not?  It’s not as if we don’t do the exact same thing, right here on Earth.  We don’t ask permission of the wolves, or sharks or elephants when we radio tag them to track their movements.  We don’t even try and communicate with fellow denizens of our own planet that use sounds to communicate, understand grammar and syntax, and whose own vocalizations and behaviors demonstrate name recognition.  (Dolphins, in case you were wondering.)  It is entirely possible that to a visiting alien species, trying to talk to a human would be like trying to discuss physics with your cat.

It is interesting that most Americans believe in UFO’s today.

What do you think?  Are UFO’s all some crazy person’s delusion?  Or is the Earth is being visited?  Could we have been visited in our past?

Speak up!  Don’t be shy!  I really love to hear your thoughts, so tell my why you agree, or disagree.  All viewpoints are welcome.

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  1. We’d be delusional to think we are the only life form. With so many dimensions, with so many vibrations around us, how could there not be other forms of life. We need only to achieve that vibration which allows us to see/communicate/feel the other entities. For many of us, that just isn’t our path in this lifetime. I have a friend who channels ETs on a regular basis and she has some really remarkable messages from them. Mostly messages on unity and how so help us from self destruction. Very cool stuff.

      1. I know!!! It’s amazing to listen to her. There is never enough time. I have an amazing circle of friends who vibrate at a level can only hope to one day achieve. I’d love to hang out with you for awhile as well 🙂

  2. Oh Serena, these posts are going to be so much fun. I have seen “weather balloons” flying against the wind, I have heard voices and had discussions with non-corporeal beings, and more. Am I crazy? Maybe. Define crazy. I remember the naysayers when Star Trek first brought us hand held communicators and magic doors that open themselves. Honestly, I can hardly wait to see what comes next.
    Are “they” out there? The odds are actually pretty huge that they are.

    Keep the fun stuff coming, girl. Love it!

  3. Can’t wait to read more of these Serena. I don’t see things but I know they’re there. in the universe, it’s only logical that life exists somewhere. ditto for after life and so on. keep on keeping on, I’m ready to read.

  4. I believe that anything is possible, and there’s more to us and the universe than we’ve yet to understand. Thought-provoking post, lady!

  5. I loved talking about aliens, space, ghosts, anything out of the norm growing up. And I still do.
    As a kid such things fascinated me and then The X-Files came along and I felt like that show had been created just for me 🙂
    I do believe there’s intelligent life on other planets, but I’m not so sure aliens have been visiting us and abducting people from their beds.

  6. I do believe in UFO’s because I’ve seen one. It wasn’t a space ship or alien vessel, it was simply something odd whizzing through the sky at lightning speed. Ergo, a UFO.

    Fun facts and cool photo from Mars. Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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