Emma Meade  has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Many thanks to Emma, who shares with me a love of things paranormal.  Emma offers up reviews of books, movies and television shows with a paranormal slant.  So many I couldn’t begin to catch up.  Be sure to check out her blog, especially if you’re looking for your next good read or celluloid adventure.

The rules of the Kreativ Blog award are:  You must thank your nominator and link back to her page, tell your readers seven things about yourself, then nominate seven other bloggers.  Share that blogging love!

Since it is Weird Weekend, I thought I’d share with you some of my weirder experiences:

1.  I used to work in an upscale lingerie and sex toy boutique; entertaining and educational all at once.  I’ll never forget the guy who disappeared into the dressing room to try on women’s latex bondage wear.  He came crawling out on all fours, paused in front of the mirror, patted his behind and asked,  “Do you think my mistress will punish me when she sees me in this?”

2.  I talk to the dead; always have.  Scan back to some of my earliest blog postings.  If you like the scary side, read about this London ghost  but the dead do have a sense of humor, like the one that lived in the house I grew up in.

3.  I am sort of, not really, kinda prepping for the zombie apocalypse.  No walkers are making it into my neighborhood, and my neighbors share my dislike for the undead.

4.  I follow conspiracy theories.  I don’t believe every conspiracy theory, but I enjoy reading about them, and following the author’s research and documentation.  Some of my favorites:  Roswell – I think a UFO really did crash there.  UFO’s in general, abduction phenomena, crop circles, love it!  Remote viewing and the military – Men Who Stare At Goats is watered down, but yeah, I think this one is plausible too.  Not a conspiracy, but Bigfoot, he’s practically a neighbor here in the Pacific Northwest.  Friends of mine swear that they heard one on a motorcycle trip; for a half an hour they could hear it howling and moving about on the side of a mountain.  I believe them!

5.  I’ve had two sort–of near-death experiences.  The first one still vivid to me:  I had multiple high fevers when I was very young.  During one of them, I found myself floating near the ceiling, looking down on my body, lying on the couch.  My mother was kneeling next to me, and her head was down on her arms.  I realized she was crying, and then pop!  I was back in.  The second one, I fell into an empty pool when I worked at the zoo, and was knocked unconscious.  Days later, after the concussion and general fuzziness started to fade, I had this urgency of needing to get out of Southern California, that I had other things I needed to do in this life.  Within months, I’d quit the job I loved and moved to Seattle.  Within a year, I was in nursing school, and within two years, I met the love of my life, now my husband.  It was the start of a spiritual journey that is still unfolding.

6.  I have found that if you tell the universe what you want, she will provide it.  But be careful what you wish for.  Found that out once when dating an ex-Navy SEAL.

7.  I have found that if you approach what angers or scares you with compassion and an honest attempt at understanding, it can effect change not just in you, but also in what you are confronting.

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  1. Thank you so much Serena and congratulations to you! I love your “weird list!”
    Your customer was a crazy one! I will have to come back and read your ghost stories. I agree about the universe and ask all the time! Your near death experiences are haunting too!
    Loved this post and thanks again!

  2. Congrats, Serena, and thanks! I read your ghost stories and they are incredible! I do think your first NDE might have been an OBE. I’ve had a lot of those, especially the kind where you hover over yourself in bed. Fab post!

  3. Spat my teeth out at point number 1. I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now so I can definitely believe that there are lots of kinky people out there! What a cool job.
    I’d like to believe Roswell is true, plus I loved the TV show 🙂
    I find it so interesting you can talk to dead people. I wish the part about asking the universe would work for me. I don’t think I have the hang of how that goes.

    1. Hehehe! I’ve not yet read 50 Shades, heard so many mixed reviews, but it has certainly reached a huge audience. I do like to read those books to see what “it” is they have that has captured so many.

      An old friend, many years ago, used to tell how his grandfather would say “There ain’t no such things as ghosts, or demons, but there’s little men from outer space, ’cause I’ve seen ’em!” The grandfather was co-owner of one of the two radio stations in Roswell when the crash happened, and the general handed him the original press release that said it was a craft from outer space.

      Thanks again for the award, it’s a fun one! 😉

      1. I’d like to see that press release. I do hope Roswell is true. I wonder if they’re little grey men, like in The X-Files!

  4. Thanks Serena for naming me one of your honorary recipients. I shall play along in the next day or so.

    Looking forward to sharing 7 things, although they won’t be nearly as interesting as your.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  5. Congrats on the award! What a cool/amazing life you have. Now I want to know more about that Navy Seal thing…

    Thank you for giving me the award. I can’t promise to be as exciting as you, but I’ll try. You truly are a very awesome chick.

    1. Ha! The Navy SEAL…I’d made a list, literally, of what I wanted in a man. It wasn’t so very long, and he had every item. Trouble was, I’d left off things like, sense of humor, emotional availability, compassion… Learned my lesson. 😉

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