So I’ve got to work on the consistency thing, but it seems that for the first time in a long time I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew.  Getting the garden going, managing feeding, watering and cleaning up after 29 chickens takes up the little time I have after work.  I found myself falling asleep at my computer!

But with the weekend comes extra sleep and some free time, so here is my next Weird Weekend installment.


On my breaks at work, I’ve been reading New Moon.  I’m sure this will cause legions of girls to hate me…but I was not impressed with Twilight, and didn’t get its appeal.  There must be far too many years between me and my angst-ridden teens.  And while I was deep in their throes, yes, I fantasized about odd things, but nothing about snuggling up to an icy cold, sparkly dead guy sounded awesome then or now.  So I mostly yawned through the pages, irritated by Bella perpetual klutziness and self-deprecation and Edward’s arrogance and obsession.

I picked up Twilight in the spirit of research.  I’ve written my own urban fantasy novel about werewolves, and for the two years I was constructing my own world, I avoided the genre.  I’m a hardcore geek, former RPG’er, and life-long sci-fi fantasy reader, watcher, but by the time I came up for air and looked around, I was astonished by the sheer volume of choices out there.  It is staggering, and I decided to start with this vampire/werewolf series, and try to figure out what was Twilight’s ‘IT’ factor?

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I finished Twilight a few months ago and was baffled by ‘IT.’  A friend told me that the devotion Edward had for Bella was the hook for her, “I just wish I could find someone to love me like that.”  To me, a stalker-ish dead guy with control issues is not sexy, it’s scary.  To tell the truth, I found his character unlikeable, and Bella irritating.  I was somewhere between 30 and 50 pages into New Moon when I realized ‘IT.’

I guess I am on Team Jacob, because he is so much Edward’s complete opposite; Stephanie Meyer emphasizes his warmth and Bella calls him the ‘sun.’  I never understood Bella’s attraction to Edward, but Jacob is another story!  And somewhere in Bella’s mental maunderings I began to hear echoes of my 16-year-old self.  I realized that if I were 16 right now, I would be devouring these books whole again and again.  I wouldn’t have been into Edward, but I would have been all about Jacob.  I too, would memorize every word, and treasure them up like gems.  I was in a fair way to disliking the series, and somehow Stephanie Meyers managed to connect me to a person I thought I’d left far behind, my teenage self.  I got ‘IT’!  In Bella’s self-talk I could hear echoes of the young girl I was, sifting through every word said and expression change.  What teenage girl has not thought that she was nothing special?  Not pretty enough, not graceful, and always managing to say or do the wrong thing?  Bella does all that and more and yet she still manages to get two (well, ONE, in my opinion) awesome, not to mention legendary guys to fall for her.  How can that not cause hearts and minds to race, and imagine, just for a little while that you are that one, who, as my friend said, is so utterly loved?   I even felt a little guilty that a declaration of devotion from a teen pre-werewolf could make my heart beat a little faster.  I guess shapeshifters are just my thing.


What about you?  Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Do you get ‘IT’ or do you not understand the appeal of these books?

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  1. I guess I’m on the opposite side to you; I’m Team Edward but then I’ve always loved vampires, probably ever since I fell for Angel when I watched Buffy as a young teen. Twilight was the first book series in recent years to really grab me and I devoured all four books and the half-finished Midnight Sun, though I didn’t particularly like New Moon (the lack of Edward prevented me from loving it). They’re not brilliantly written but for some reason, most likely the easy ability of the reader to become Bella themselves, millions of women and girls all over the globe fell for these stories.

    1. When I was in nursing school, I gave myself Wednesdays off from studying to watch Angel! “Not brilliantly written” sums it up nicely, but yes, I can see how it’s easy for women and girls to quickly identify with Bella. Almost done now with New Moon, and Edward and Bella’s reunion is, if not elegant, certainly very emotional. Thought it doesn’t really draw me in, I can see how it could make millions swoon.

  2. It was the vampire thing that I loved.It was the I’ll love you forever true love thing. It was like falling for the first time. Not that I’d want a boyfriend like Edward, it just brought back those feelings.

  3. I prefer vampires over werewolf as well. That having been said, when you look at the actual personalities, I agree with you when it comes to Edward being controlling and stalker-ish. I wrote something along those lines back when I first started Immortal Monday and I think I upset someone. If one felt the need to comment there were probably other who felt that way who didn’t. As for Jacob, he completely annoys me. He’s immature and hot headed behavior is a total turn off for me. I think I’d go for Dr. Cullen. 🙂 Unfortunately he’s taken. 😐

    1. Just rewrite yourself in as Esme! 😉 I remember reading that post, but hadn’t read the books yet. Almost done now with New Moon; still on the Jacob side, but not really sure now if I’ll finish the series right away. It’s not in my vein. 😉 Interesting to find though that people are either for werewolves or vampires. Given a choice, I’d rather be a shapeshifter than dead.

      1. That is one solid and healthy way to look at it. But they were all too hot headed for my taste. Maybe because they were so young. 😐

  4. Vampires have my vote! I never did see the last two movies… I have to wait for my husband to be out to rent them.
    I can’t wait for Dark Shadows to come out… I was in grade school when the original soap opera came out! It was awesome.

  5. Vampires are my preference as well but I wasn’t that impressed with Bella or Edward. And she gets even worse as the series progress. She has no ambitions except be with Edward and he doesn’t do much to encourage her to get a grip. Still, there was something about the series since I read all four books.

    Great point about Dr. Cullen, Debra. He is an admirable guy, intelligent and gentle.

    1. Dr. Cullen is certainly the most likeable. My favorite in vampire/werewolf series so far is Laurell K. Hamilton, but I’ve yet to read Charlaine Harris or Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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