When I was in grade school, I was the weird one.  Were you?  I was the one who read too much, asked the questions that made the teacher stammer, and was always out of step with what was hip or cool because I was too busy thinking up new stories, wondering which superpower I’d most like to have, or watching a spider spin a web.  I pondered if there really were aliens, or gods, or ghosts like the ones I read about in books, or saw chasing me down my upstairs hallway.

Did I mention I read way too much?  Is there such a thing?  I was reading Robert Heinlein and Anne McCaffrey when most girls my age were reading Nancy Drew or Judy Blume.  Robert E. Howard’s Conan and random copies of John Norman’s Gor series also found their way into my collection at an early age.  I’m grateful my parents never really knew just what was between those pages.  I loved the show ‘In Search Of’ hosted by Leonard Nimoy.  I was fascinated by ancient myths, and the legend of Atlantis.




Today, my interests find multiple outlets, and since writing is one of them, I’d love to share with you on the weekends, some of the things I love most about the supernatural, paranormal and extraterrestrial.

The paranormal is a close, personal friend.  As a psychopomp I help release earthbound spirits, as a Reiki Master-Teacher I offer energetic healings to my friends, family and loved ones.  I really enjoyed sharing these experiences through this blog, and loved reading your remarks and comments.  Like my dog-training Wednesdays, though, my paranormal postings need some expansion, hence the Weird Weekend.

Today let me introduce you to two favorites of mine in the book world:

Graham Hancock, author of Supernatural:  Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, Fingerprints of the Gods, The Message of the Sphinx and many more.  I really enjoy Graham’s writings; thought provoking, challenging and controversial, he also hits on my beloved topics of ancient civilizations, other dimensions and realms, and so much else!  If you’ve ever wondered if there might be something to the old legends of Atlantis, or floods.  If you’ve puzzled over the remnants of what seem to be anomalously high tech ruins such as the pyramids, or the lost cultures of Central and South America, then you will want to read Graham Hancock.  He proposes that an unknown, advanced civilization flourished ages ago, at the end of the last ice age, and then backs it up with solid, scientific evidence.  I’ve never been disappointed in one of his books.


Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Those temple steps are 30 feet wide, each one a solid piece of rock. Source:


In the fiction realm, if you don’t know her already, let me introduce you to Jacqueline Carey.     From the first pages of Kushiel’s Dart, I was hooked.  Lush and decadent, reading one of Ms. Carey’s novels is like sinking into a vast, intoxicating cloud.  Vivid imagery, rich characters and beautifully intricate plots will lure you in and never let you go.  Her main character, Phedre no Delaunay is sold into a pleasure house at the age of 5, and rises to become friend and advisor to her queen as well as one of the most celebrated courtesans of the realm.  Do you like your fantasy richly detailed and extra spicy?  You will want to check out Jacqueline Carey.

No blog exploring the paranormal would be complete without mentioning Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Noory.  George Knapp, Ian Punnett and John B. Wells also host through the month.  If it’s weird, you’ll hear about it on Coast to Coast.  Often times, they’ll break news that I won’t hear on my local stations for days, or even weeks later.  Colony Collapse Disorder in bees?    Heard about it on C to C.  Aliens?  Did you want to talk about Roswell?  Or Rendlesham Forest?  Just keep listening and you’ll eventually hear it all.  Conspiracy theories?  The Face on Mars?  Jim Marrs and Richard C. Hoagland are frequent guests.

I am geeky enough that I download the podcasts to listen at my leisure.  I even managed to make it on to the annual Ghost to Ghost Halloween show last year, telling about one of my ghostly encounters.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary?  Are you interested in things most people claim could never be?  Tell me what you want to know about, let me know what fascinates you about the supernatural.  What have you heard go bump in the night?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on Graham Hancock. I love ancient civilizations, especially research on Atlantis. Long ago I was watching a documentary on the subject and the camera was panning at the ocean’s floor ruins of what they believed to be from Atlantis. I’ll never forget – the footage showed pillars, pottery, statues and such, but my breath caught – actually more than caught, more like it felt like a punch in the stomach – when the camera zeroed in on a ring. The thought that went immediately through my head was “That’s mine!” I had recorded the show and I had stopped the recording and had to sit there for awhile to understand. It was such a rush! Since then, I’ve become friends with a numerologist who tells me she is from the Lemurian race. She also tells me that in this area of North Idaho, there has been an increase in the reincarnates of Atlantians as there is a vortex here. Still doing research on it, but it all resonates with me. I’d like to know what my purpose for being drawn to this area is…

    1. That is very cool, Diana! How amazing to feel and experience a connection like that! Where was this footage taken, and what was the name of the documentary? Can’t wait to hear what you find out about the Atlantean reincarnates and their concentration in Idaho. Have you ever done a past life regression?

  2. I too was the weird one. too many questions, too many thoughts. I read too well. and I had been put ahead a couple of times so i was 2 – 3 years younger than my peers. Ouch
    I am fascinated by all things weird and wonderful. Weird to me that I don’t like reading paranormal books except for angels, fairies and time travel…the light stuff. Thanks for alerting me to these broadcasts. I’m going to check them out.

  3. Great post. I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal. My Dad’s the same though he’d be a lot more sceptical than me. I grew up watching The X Files, The Outer Limits and Unsolved Mysteries. If there was a hint of supernatural in a book, movie or tv show I was all over it.
    I’ve gone to a few psychics in my time but I’ve never felt won over by them. Still happy to keep looking for someone who gets me right.

    1. Thank you Emma! I’ve been to psychics too, and it can be very hit or miss. I’ve found wisdom in Yoda’s words: “Always in motion is the future!” and haven’t really relied on a psychic to make predictions for me. My best readings have been the ones where I’m looking for clarification of a situation that’s happening right then. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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