I’ve been busy NOT writing.  At first, I was stressing, because I wasn’t doing it ALL!  You know, 10 pages a day on the WIP, blogging multiple times a week, social media socializing, AND raising a bunch of baby chickens, getting my garden started, plus that little day job and keeping the house running, keeping Hub happy.  Does the list ever end?  What’s a multi-tasking, writer/Reiki Master-Teacher/blogger supposed to do?

I went to play outside.

Here’s some of the planting I did:

It doesn’t look like much now.  But that green mist on the left is actually two rows of carrots.  The skinny green spires are onions, and I’ve sown more carrot seeds on the right.  Those are still under a cold frame at night.  Behind them are garlic, some spinach and lettuce seedlings.  At the far back, bush and pole beans.  So Yummy!



I’m toying with the idea of putting in an herb garden.  One of those that’s just packed with plants, no stuffy borders, just the plants making a showy display.  So I’m experimenting with the spot I’m thinking of, and I put in a bunch of herbs in pots to see how they do.


Yeah, I’m dangerous in a nursery.  I have to avoid them or I just end up with more plants.

My garden just was too tempting to resist.  I find gardening rewarding on so many levels; first, I’m out getting exercise, always a plus!  It’s also a very meditative and spiritual practice; it helps connect me to the earth and the seasonal cycles by planting and nurturing growing things.  I love watching them grow.  It helps keep me grounded, and I always offer Reiki to my garden and chickens when I’m out there.  Some of my best insights, and writing inspiration have come to me while I was out in my garden.  Today was gloriously sunny and gorgeous, I even had to put on sunscreen! My chickens were loving the sun too!

No, they’re not dead, they’re dust-bathing!  They have a grand time flinging the dry, loose dirt over themselves, and they kind of coo with pleasure while they’re doing it.

Hub and I also put the baby chickens outside for the first time.  They learned about sunshine, and grass, dirt and rocks, and bugs.  Now they’re all sacked out, tired and happy.


Hard to believe these dinosaur looking birds were once these tiny balls of fluff!


Hey, I managed to get some writing done after all!  I love weekends like this!

How did your weekend go?  Were you enjoying the sun?  Running around with friends?  Hanging out with your kids?  Hope that it was awesome!



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  1. I’m very jealous. I really want a little vegetable garden of my own, but we don’t currently have a good spot for one (we have a lot of trees in our yard and a dog who likes to dig), and I’m terrible with plants. If you have a magic secret for keeping plants alive, I’d love to hear it. My worst flaw is watering, either over watering or under watering without being able to find the right balance.

    1. I have to keep a fence around the main garden to keep the dogs out, or they’d be digging in it too! And I’ve killed my fair share of plants in my day. Gardening is still a lot of trial and error for me. If you wanted to try some veggies, lettuce and spinach do nicely in containers, and they like cool and shady. i like the loose leaf kinds that I can just keep pulling leaves from. Pots up on tables or low walls should discourage you pup from digging. Unless s/he is very determined! 😉

  2. I think I have a black thumb. LOL That is so cool that you did that. Every time I step foot out and actually start working in the yard I become obsessed and end up out there all day. My body pays for it later with aches and pains from the horrid angles I may have hunched. So for me, I guess it’s a love hate thing. I avoid it until I’m in it and then I can’t stop it. Ha ha

    Your chicks are so cute! I bet you get the best eggs ever!

  3. Great pictures, Serena. I’m envious of you being out in the yard enjoying your garden already. We had so — again — this weekend, so it will be some time yet before I can make the first of my multiple trips to the greenhouse, then get digging in the gardens. Yes, I’m dangerous in the greenhouses, too. LOL!

  4. The chickens are so cute! I’m not much on gardening but I love home grown produce. Looks like you’re going to have some really yummy stuff in a couple of months.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. The chicks are so much fun to watch! They’re practicing flying, or at least their version of flight. Once they got outside they all at some point or another jumped or hopped and flapped their wings like crazy. Too funny!

  5. I have the same problem with nurseries (the plant kind). My eyes are too big. I buy too much, then tire out too quickly before planting them. The joy of the plants become a burden. Now I restrict myself to fewer plants for each trip to the nursery.
    Love those chicks! Reminds me of growing up on the farm.

    1. I know what you mean! It does seem burdensome sometimes. When I’m sitting down to dinner at 8:30 after working a 10 hour day on my feet, then coming home to water plants and animals, not to mention feeding…I ask myself sometimes if I’m crazy. But then, yeah, I love every minute of it too.

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