I’ve been working on a new information flyer.  What do you think?  Does this make you want to hire me?







Do you have a new puppy and no idea what to do with her?


Did you adopt a dog, and you’re having difficulty getting him to listen to you?


Did your dog do great in obedience school, but now isn’t quite as obedient as she used to be?


I won’t train your dog, but I will train YOU!  You see, it doesn’t matter if I train your dog; you are the one who has to live with her.  A trained dog is not stagnant, like a program on your computer, that once installed works the same always.  Unless you reinforce the training daily, it will break down.  This is why I hear so many people say, ‘he did fine in obedience class, but now…’  What I will do is help you develop the training skills to comfortably live with your pet.


¨     Gain insight into your dog’s behavior

¨     Learn how your body language influences your dog’s actions

¨     Develop a great relationship with your dog


I will teach you the key components to successful dog training so that you will understand how to teach your dog after I’ve gone home.


I offer consultation on an hourly basis.  This is not a one-size fits all dog training course.  This is a one-on-one assessment of your needs, and the direction to help you get the dog behavior you want.  You decide how many consults you need.


I have over 10 years professional experience training animals in zoos for shows and educational purposes, and teaching obedience classes.  Plus training my own dogs for obedience, conformation, agility and herding.



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  1. The whole brochure sounds great. I’m not sure if the first line really grabs me though. My first thought was “What? Why?” But, it did make me curious to read on, so that’s something! It’s when I read on that you truly got my attention. Maybe if you could get both ideas in the first sentence? I won’t train your dog but I will train YOU. Something like that. Then again…what do I know. Everyone is going to have a different opinion so in the end, you have to go with what grabs you! Wish you lived near my daughter so you could help with her two dogs! They are IMPOSSIBLE. She is moving back home and wants to stay here with us until they get a house. I said, “Fine, but the dogs are not welcome.” No way am I putting up with those unruly mutts.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I wondered if the first line was too off-putting, but I was trying for a “What?!” reaction, to surprise and/or shock people into reading further. 😉 I’m sorry about your daughter’s dogs; dogs are either a joy or a terror to live with. I hope she finds good homes for them.

  2. I’m sold. Sign me up.

    My very first puppy (the one I got as an adult and I was solely responsible for) was actually booted out of puppy obedience school. He bit the teacher on the very first day. I was mortified!

    I later found out that my puppy was probably too young to be in obedience school (4 months), but no one told me that when I signed up. I was trying to be an uber-smart puppy owner, but I jumped the gun. it’s like putting a 3 year old into kindergarten I guess. My puppy was the youngest, smallest, and apparently the scaredest. He was by far the cutest but he didn’t get any brownie points for that. No gold stars in my puppy’s baby book.

    He turned out to be a great dog (a beagle mix), but people need to know these things before they sign up.

    I think the above post is perfect. And if I ever get a pet monkey, I’ll know who to call for training!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. No you will not train my dog! LOL! I couldn’t help it. I was just kidding. You already know I don’t have a dog. But I do like your post and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

    You did an awesome job on your Beauty of a Woman post Serena! I just read it and left a comment. I was absent from the blogfest last week and I’m making it up.

    Talk to you soon. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I would hire you in a heartbeat – if I had a dog. 🙂 You’re right, though, about the human needing training as well. I think the whole brochure is professional, but also personable. You have a winner!

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