Because I won’t be online.  You may not be aware of this, but there are currently two bills in Congress; PIPA in the House, and SOPA in the Senate, which severely curtail freedom of speech.  Even if you’ve never been involved in politics you may want to pay attention to this one.

Rather than repeat what others have already so eloquently stated, I will direct you to two wonderful ladies who will provide you with details, and how to get involved.


Emma Burcart – No Soup For You!

Ginger Calem – Stop Censorship!

Ginger also provided this bit of info from WordPress on the SOPA Strike.


So, will you take action? If you can’t do without the Internet for one day, what will you do if it goes away?


My regular Wednesday Dog Training post will be delayed until Thursday.

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  1. I would skip it except I am in charge of giving out the photo prompt for the Fictioneers this week! I rarely ever post on Wednesdays. Dang!
    I had heard about SOPA and it is alarming.

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