There are spirits all around you.  Your own Guides, your loved ones who have already passed (human and animal by the way) want to be near you and look in on you.  My first dog, a big, shaggy black beast is always near me; he has quite clearly told me he would very much like to come back soon and live with me again.

The city of I live in has a rich history, and many old buildings with layers and layers of stories in their walls.  It is not hard to find a wandering spirit on any given occasion.  It’s been my experience that if they know I can see them, a few common reactions occur.

The Scary Dance

They try to scare me.  If the being is carrying a lot of heavy energy and emotions, the only way he or she knows how to communicate is through anger, hate and fear.  Also, they can often get a reaction out of the living by sending out such heavy vibrations.  If they have enough energy, they may manifest:  a form, moving an object, sounds.  Spirits are sometimes a little like dogs or small children; any attention, even if it’s negative, is reinforcing to them.  It makes sense too.  Heck, if I could see and hear everything that was going on around me, but everyone ignored, or walked through me, I’d probably get annoyed and start throwing things too.

The “How I Died” Movie

Especially if the death was traumatic, they want to tell me about it.  Make that show me.  I’ve been shown being drowned, stabbed, shot, suicide, and being surrounded by family members saying goodbye.

Afterlife Message Service

“Tell my family…”  As much as I would love to pass on every ‘I love you, I miss you, I’m okay’ the reality is often the family isn’t even present on the earth anymore to give a message to.

For those who have passed over, and even for those who haven’t the message is the same:  They’re okay.  They still exist, their personality survives even though the body may be long gone.  And they love you.

Time To Go Home

What I can do for spirits is offer to help them cross the Veil.

There’s lots and lots of ways to conceptualize this, ‘going into the light,’ ‘crossing over,’ etc.  Basically it’s when a spirit that is bound to the earth releases that binding and steps into the next realm, the true home of our spirit.

Spirits that are stuck here on Earth cannot move on for any number of reasons, traumatic death, unfinished business, an inability to let go of life, the list goes on and on and on.  It includes the ties of loved ones among the living who refuse to release the one who has passed on.

Not all of them want to go.  Some are fully aware that they’re dead, that home waits on the other side, but they want to stay attached for a time.

Crossing the Veil releases that binding; it is always by the being’s own free choice.  I don’t ‘make’ a spirit cross; I only point the way, although sometimes that process of pointing and explaining can get quite involved.  My Guides assist; they help by calling in the earthbound spirit’s own Guides and loved ones who show the bound spirit the way home.

Some of the most wonderful crossings I’ve ever seen are those of the darkest entities I’ve encountered.  These beings are filled with pain, fear and hopelessness and frequently project quite intense feelings of hate or anger.  When they cross the Veil, they release all of that heaviness and become once again their true, light selves.  It’s almost like an explosion of love and joy; the whole energy of the room changes, going from dark, prickly and uncomfortable to almost unbearably beautiful.

All photos are taken by and under copyright to ME!  Please ask permission before use.  Thank you!

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  1. When my sister and I visited England and Scotland in 2008, we searched all through the old castles and buildings. We were amazed at how many grand old buildings there were there. It was a constant happening for me to run into spirits at these places. One I particularly remember was a spirit I found on the island of Iona. We were walking around the first Christian Church established in the UK and I just kept hearing this voice saying, “Gwenyth” over and over. Finally, I just stopped walking and said, “Hello Gwenyth!” and it stopped. I guess she just wanted me to know who she was.

    1. That is so cool! Gwenyth! Did you feel any cold spots? I haven’t traveled overseas much, but the UK is just jammed with spirits. I’ve written a couple blogs about my encounters and there’s more to come.

      1. We were taking a tour of the London Tower. I needed to find a lady’s room so I broke from the group and then went to try to join the group again. On the way back to the group, I walked past this ‘room’ and stopped in my tracks. It called to me so I cautiously approached the entrance. It was a cell of some kind. As I stepped into the cell, my blood chilled and every hair stood up. There were hundreds of spirits in that little space and it freaked me out. I stepped backwards out of the cell and went to join the group. Then, the tour guide led us to the same cell and told us its story. It seems that the cell was filled with captured soldiers so full that they could not sit down. As they waited for weeks to hear their fate, they were not brought any food or drink. The guide pointed out a stone at the back of the cell that was damp. She said it was the ‘licking stone’ and was the only source of moisture for the men. The men were eventually slaughtered. They are still there, I can tell you that!

      2. The Tower! It still gives me goosebumps to think about that place, it really stays with you. So many, many spirits there! Have you been to Edinburgh? I took a ghost tour there that went through Greyfriars Cemetery. I’ll be writing about that one soon.

      3. Yes, we went to Edinburgh but we did not get a chance to go to the cemetery. From what I have seen, I am not sure I would want to go there as I may be a magnet for trouble. I do love hearing about others who go there though….I will be looking forward to your story!

  2. So cool of you to share this with us!
    I see them periodically and hear them bang around often, but only one has tried to communicate. He was a brother of a friend of mine and was so brutalized by the car accident, I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. He was the only one who came to me like that, but it was soon after he died. I don’t know how to get them to communicate with me and things have gotten pretty quiet for the time being….

  3. This was really fascinating sounded a bit like ghost whisperer but that was the first time I’d watched a series concentrating on this kind I thing (minus movies) however I found it really interesting to read your 1st hand account. 🙂

  4. I love your blog, Serena and wait for it. I don’t see spirits often. When my nephew died, my father in law was nearby. he was worried for my MIL. naturally enough, I thought. he hovered at the peak of the church roof, wanting to get close to her and give her comfort.

    He also came to me during a ‘reading’. kept saying “love to Daisy”. the medium kept asking him to repeat himself and finally she said to me. “He keeps saying love to Daisy”. Does he love flowers I wonder? “No”, I replied, daisy is his widow’s name. He also repeated over and over “Love to ten” and when she finally asked about it, I told her, “he has 10 children”. It was quite amazing.

    I don’t see them often but when I do, i know they’re around and present.

  5. What fascinating experiences, and you describe them so eloquently! I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I am probably the most unintuitive person I know. I have heard (and seen) that when a person is dying, it seems to ease their minds when loved ones tell them it’s OK to go.

    1. It absolutely helps them. The spirit often knows it wants to go home, but is afraid of leaving loved ones in distress, and this can contribute to keeping the spirit Earthbound. If the passing person hears ‘it’s okay’ it helps them to cross.

  6. I’ll be honest, I like to pretend that this all doesn’t exist. I scare easily, so it’s just easier for me to not believe. Even though I really do.

  7. Thank you for writing this I was shown the love that is waiting for many on the other side
    when i visited and was told all is loved also felt the love it was i have no words to express it.
    They are calling many back.

  8. Love your posts, Serena, but you already know that.

    Do you do remote work as well or is “up close and personal” easiest for you?

    I intend to visit the castles in the UK. Though I am nowhere in your league, I do feel the energy and am still working on opening up a bit more.

    1. Up close and personal is definitely my strength. It’s rare for me to get a good vibe from a picture, the energy has to be really strong for me to pick up on it. On the flip-side though, I (or any Reiki II practitioner) can project Reiki energy remotely. I highly recommend Reiki if you are interested in opening up your psychic centers. It had a profound effect on mine.

  9. Reblogged this on paranormal leaders and commented:
    The spirit world is one with many doors and even more facets. We have professional investigators who work with animal spirits, but it even go’s beyond human or animal, some believe plants too can have a spirit. I dont know, but as a Paranormal Leader I keep my ears open.

  10. I love hearing about these accounts of yours, Serena. I feel like I used to be more open to stuff like this, and then it sort of went away. I’m not sure what happened.

    Are you familiar with black dog myths? When I heard the description of your first dog, I was not surprised in the slightest to hear he was still around you.

    1. Thanks, Hayley! In the black dog myths I’m familiar with, the dog is usually a sign of impending death or doom. Are there others? I’ll have to look into it. My spirit dog is one of my guardians when I’m doing my psychopomp work.

      1. They’re usually omens of (and causes of) death, but every now and then I’ve come across one with a bit of a guardian tone. There’s one in a book of English folklore I have that talks of a lone women walking at night and finding a black dog walking beside her. She then realizes a man (or a few men, accounts vary of course) is following her. The dog stays with her for her entire walk home, and the man is found dead of unexplained causes the next day.

        There are others who just follow people and unnerve them, and those stories are often tied to the dogs who haunt the places where their owners died, waiting for them to return. They often send people running in terror (and possibly injuring themselves) but aren’t actually malevolent the way black dogs like the Yorkshire barghest are.

        Sorry if I’m rambling. I’m very passionate about black dogs 🙂

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