I need to say a little bit now about Reiki, because it really has transformed my life.  Reiki is amazing, Reiki is healing, and Reiki is simple.  About 4 or 5 years ago I took a class in Reiki, and received my level 1 attunement.  It was truly a life-changer, but I didn’t know that at the time.  Last year I completed my Master/Teacher training; Reiki is something I’m still discovering.

What is Reiki?  You can find it defined all over the web as ‘universal life energy’ or ‘life force energy’.  It is a form of spiritual energy healing, or you can think of it as a very intensely focused prayer.  Reiki energy is said to flow through the practitioner and into the recipient.  Reiki can promote healing on 4 levels:  emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.  Practitioners and clients both claim to have experienced various physical sensations during a treatment, including; heat, light, cold, pain relief, nausea relief, muscle relaxation as well as energetic flows, emotional releases, a sense of deep peace and stress release.

Reiki is generally thought to be energy, universally accessible to all, channeled through a practitioner to a recipient.  There is some question as to whether a formal Reiki attunement is necessary to be able to channel Reiki.  The practitioner does not generate Reiki from within; rather she acts as a channel for the energy to move through her to the recipient.  Reiki is offered, not given or otherwise imposed onto another; acceptance of Reiki and its potential to heal is strictly at the choice of the recipient.


I’ve used Reiki personally to control chronic pain, offered it to friends who were suffering the same, to spirits to help them cross to the other side, and to animals that were distressed or in pain.  I’ve felt its effects personally, heard them echoed by the people who’ve received it, and watched animals visibly relax, even fall asleep, under its influence.

More than the immediate pain relief or relaxation, Reiki provides me with deep, personal satisfaction, and an abiding sense of peace.  I use Reiki every day, and over the years I’ve found my attitudes changing on certain issues.  I find that things that used to irritate me before:  too long a line at the grocery store, whining, crying kids, or petty, mean spirited people, now I find it much easier to step back, and see people and situations with greater compassion.  I stress less about the little things, and the bigger things too.  I used to be a hardcore conservative and now I’m a complete lefty liberal.  Go figure.


Reiki encourages it practitioners:

At least for today:

Do not be angry,

Do not worry,

Be grateful,

Work with diligence,

Be kind to people.

I am very far from perfect when it comes to accomplishing all of these every day, but I try, every day.  I am constantly astonished at how very good it feels.

Have you ever had a Reiki session?  Are you a Reiki practitioner?  Let me know what your experiences with energetic healing have been!


All pictures in this post are taken by and under copyright to ME!  Please ask permission.

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  1. Serena, as a Reiki Master I saw many healing miracles. I saw a woman awaken from a coma, another with terminal cancer walk away and live many happy years, and oh so much more. it thrills me that you have found and share this wonderful gift. May your journey be blessed.

  2. I took a class in Reiki many years ago (it was actually research for a novel), but I didn’t pursue it. I also had one session, and I felt a peaceful feeling washing over me. I still remember it vividly.
    Serena, I think it’s great it helped you and your friends so much. (and it fits your name : )

  3. I underwent a Reiki treatment years ago and loved it. I’ve read about it here and there and truly believe in the effects and benefits. Amazing. What a thing to bring into your life and share with others.
    LOVE the photos – spectacular!

  4. REiki saved me from chronic pain in my right wrist. I couldn’t hardly hold a pen and typing was impossible. The reiki practitioner ‘pulled’ all this negative stuff out of my wrist – I swear I could feel it coming out. Sticky and thorny. yuck. But as long as I had a treatment every week, my arm and wrist was okay. eventually I went every other week and then monthly. now i haven’t been for a long time, but I know it’s there whenever I need it.

    thanks for reminding me of this powerful healing technique

    1. Louise, I am so pleased to hear you had such dramatic results with Reiki. It’s kept me off painkillers from multiple low back injuries. Have you considered getting the Reiki 1 attunement? Then you really would have it whenever you needed it!

      1. Funny you mention that Serena. In another time, I actually had attunements for Level 1 and 2. I wanted to be able to use Reiki on myself. But I had forgotten about using it. Now i’ll have to find my notes and get back to this energy work. It’s so powerful. thanks for the reminder

  5. I have never done Reiki, but I am a huge fan of craniosacral therapy. They sound awfully similar from your description. Do you know what the difference is? Craniosacral has worked absolute wonders for me, and it is a very deep level of peace and relaxation as well as pain relief.

    1. I have never tried craniosacral, and other than knowing the term, I have no idea what it entails. I originally thought it had to do with spinal and head manipulation, but maybe not from what you’re describing? Yet another technique for me to research! Yay! 🙂

  6. Reiki is amazing. One of my friends in Ecuador was a massage therapist and Reiki master, so while I was there I lived a pretty stress-free life. You have just reminded me that I should try and find a Reiki therapy place here in the states. I have never tried the cranialsacral therapy Julie mentioned, but it is also on my list. It would be so nice if medical insurance covered all of these preventative measures, but that’s a different topic.

  7. So happy to hear you’ve benefited so much from Reiki, Serena. I’ve never tried it, but find the concept intriguing. Preventative measures, particularly those free of side effects ;), are definitely the way to go! Thanks for sharing this… I’m inspired to learn more.

  8. I’ve always been interested, but have never received. I have a friend who has gone through training and she loves it! For me, I’d love to know more about it and would love to experience the benefits. Something on my to do list!

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