I am a geek, and I’m proud of the label.  I own it, I flaunt it, and my husband calls it ‘flying my geek flag.’  I love science fiction and fantasy, and still read more of those genres than any other.  When I was growing up, I think I spent more time mentally on Barsoom, or Pern, or travelling the stars with Lazarus Long, than I ever did in school.  I played Dungeons and Dragons well through my twenties, and I am tickled to say, my character is still technically ‘alive’ and run as an NPC (that’s Non-Player Character for you non-gamer types) by my even geekier friends who still play on occasion.  I spent a lot of time painting miniatures for Warhammer 40K, although I enjoyed the painting more than the gaming.  I always got my ass kicked; guess I’m a better artist than strategist.  Anyone want to buy a couple Tyranid armies?  They’re classics, out of print…anyone?

I’ve always known I was a geek, and valued my individuality, but it wasn’t always easy.  Growing up, I was happier with my nose in a book, and my circle of friends was small.  I didn’t do much to try and fit in and I was an easy target for bullies.  As for my dating life, let’s just say it was really pathetic.  However, all the teasing and missing my prom solidified my determination to be, just me.  Boy, has it paid off!

The older I got, the less I cared what people thought of my eccentricities.  I look back on the bullying and teasing I went through and think, yeah it sucked then, but it was worth it.  Because it helped shape me; the me that I love being, the me that is comfortable in my own skin.

Now, geek is the new cool.  Case in point; Big Bang Theory.  I love, love, love how they will throw in the most obscure D&D, LOTR, Star Trek or Star Wars trivia.  Many times I’ve been doubled over, howling with laughter, while my husband pauses and rewinds the DVR, then waits for me to calm down enough to explain what’s so funny.  What do you mean you’ve never watched?  You are missing out!  Be sure to check out the art decorating Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment.  I’m sure the show’s creator and I read many of the same books, and saw the same movies.  So, I guess the geek have inherited the earth, or at least come to dominate the entertainment and technology field.  Anyone else work somewhere that the IT guys have named their computer Gandalf or Bilbo?

Are you a geek?  Did you suffer through teasing or bullying during your childhood because you were ‘weird’ or a ‘bookworm’?  Were you practically ignored by the opposite sex?  How has your life been shaped by your geekdom?

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  1. I’m a geek *waves flag*. I didn’t get teased though. Probably because I kept it pretty hidden in high school. I read a lot, which did prompt my mother to say “put down that book and come watch tv with the family for a change.” LOL. I can say though that my geek side led to my career of graphic design and now writing, so it’s all good 🙂

    Big Bang Theory is awesome!

  2. Looking back I was definitely geeky, but with a hefty dose of cluelessness thrown in there too 🙂
    You’re right, geekdom has definitely seen a rise in popularity. Maybe it’s the internet strengthening numbers or something. Have you seen the Nerdfighters website? 🙂

  3. Yes, I was a geek! But not for the same reasons. I never played those role playing type games. I was a member for the drill team which marched with the band and at my school that labeled you a geek. I dealt with that all through high school. I became leader of the geek squad. It wasn’t fun being made to feel that way so I understand where you are coming from to a degree. Sorry you felt that way my friend.

    1. Yeah for the geeks! It’s all a learning curve, and I’m happy that, even though it was rough, I went through it. Being 40+ is wonderful, I’ve found. Mostly because I’ve reached the point where I really don’t give a s*&% about what people think. I care about what I’m doing to make the world a better place.

  4. Super-geek here. I love “The Big Bang”! I recognize myself and a lot of my friends in the series. I actually had many–many–of their conversation in real life. At my first job all the computers had villain names: Sauron, Vader, Khan. I could go on and on.
    Excellent post, Serena!

  5. Definitely a geek here! Star Trek and all of the sci fy shows had me hooked, though I did not have much time to watch them. Spouting names of different bacteria and viruses for my degree in microbiology came easy because I had 5 years of Latin….and was the President of the Latin Club…geek?…weird? You bet! I still remember the year we had chariot races (Latin Club members were the horses) between the buildings of my high school. Was I shunned by the popular crowd? You bet! Did I have a blast?…You bet! You are right about it making you stronger in who you really are. I am still a geek…I go to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas every year….AND I wear a costume! I go as Spock’s mother Amanda Grayson. This year I was geekier than usual. I built a remote controlled Horta (go look that one up if you don’t know what it is…spreading the geekdom) and had a blast running it around the convention of thousands of fans. Out of 1040 costumes there, I won Third Place! Geek? Still? You bet!

    1. WooHoo! Congrats, Karen! I used to go to the Renaissance Faire in Riverside, CA every year when I lived in SoCal. Meant to go this year up here in WA, but, well, weather and timing never cooperated. A microbio degree? My first degree is in zoology, but I well remember one semester, right before winter break when I was studying for finals for molecular bio, physics and organic chemistry, all at once. I stopped, and flipped through a Cosmopolitan magazine, to give my poor brain cells a break and ran across an ad for J&B whisky that said ” ingle ells, ingle ells. It’s just not the holidays without it.” Have to confess, it totally baffled me, all I could think of was “single cells, single cells”. Took me half an hour to figure it out!

      1. Brain lock…I know it well! I pulled an all night study session once and walked in to take the test. It turned out to be fill in the blank. I had studied so hard that I could “see” the page, the paragraph and the line that the answer was on but the actual answer was clouded out. I wanted the prof to know I had studied so I wrote the page #, paragraph and sentence where the answer could be found. He mercifully gave me a D.

  6. I love this! I’m a huge geek 🙂 For my 28th birthday, what I wanted was two tickets so my husband and I could go to a science center that had a special exhibit on Star Trek. Being a geek meant I didn’t date at all in high school, but eventually was what drew my husband to me (writing a future blog post on that 😉 )

    1. Know what you mean about the dating thing, but now, husband loves my geekiness. Just have to find the right one! We’ve gone to our local science center too, no Trek yet, but the Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars exhibits were awesome. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your future blog post!

  7. I think i’m a hybrid. I love Big Bang, but now I’m going to have to watch it more carefully. I am not a trekkie nor do I follow any of the rest of that genre. but I was a loner in school. loved to read and was definitely bullied….

    My kids are geeks. big time. to them I’m weird that I don’t know the producer and director of every episode of star trek et al. thanks for a good post.

  8. I’ve never really fit in with any crowd. I’m smart – or maybe have a lot of common sense. No, that’s not it. Intellectual, but very unorthodox, and I never really “got” it. I think in high school I was more considered a nerd. I probably still am…. 🙂

  9. We can sometimes spend a lifetime licking the wounds we incur during that very brief period in high school when we never got to sit at the cool table. I’ll bet even Steve Jobs was haunted by his inner geek on occasion.

  10. I’m a huge geek and proud of it. I even included it in my tagline. I love “The Big Bang Theory” and I’d happily fight to the death to defend my immense fantasy/sci-fi library. To quote another favorite TV show, “It’s the age of the geek, baby.”

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