In honor of Twitter’s #Follow Friday, I would like to introduce you to some of the bloggers I follow.  These  writers  are worth more than a cursory glance at just their homepage; they will draw you in and you will want to read more.  I’ll bet you’ll want to follow some too!

I invite you dive in and enjoy!

Kristen Lamb – This is the woman who helped me get started in the whole social media, blogging, author branding and platform thingy.  Before I read her book, We Are Not Alone, I had no idea what to do about my fear of social media, or how to make it work for me.  I knew it was possible, I was just clueless.  Then I took her class, Blog To Build Your Brand.  In the few short months since I’ve been following Kristen’s advice, my posts have been getting more comments and my overall visits went from less than 250 to 979!

Piper Bayard – Funny, topical, and always worth your time.  Piper often turns the posting over Holmes, who provides commentary on current events.  A diverse blog that will keep you coming back.

Jenny Hansen – How can you not love a blog that plays off of Will Farrell’s famous Cowbell skit from SNL?

Marcy Kennedy & Lisa Hall-Wilson – These ladies write pieces to make you think,  give great writing advice, and will show you real mermaids and unicorns! Bring on the glitter!

Rachel Funk Heller – She writes about her life; it’s real, it’s honest.   She tells you about making the decision to move her mother into a nursing home, why we all need to think about death, about human connections.  You’ll find you understand her, and yourself, just a little better.

August McLaughlin – She writes about books, she talks about writing, she gives great interview.  An excellent resource for the writer.

Karen Crumley – A sister psychic, she describes for you the indescribable so that you can see it and feel it as she does.

Janelle Madigan – On writing and creativity with some killer guest posts too!  And she writes about the paranormal, all things I love!

Myndi Shafer –  Oh so funny, she hosts great guests, and you definitely want to read about how she loves to mildly irritate her husband.  You’ll come back to her Leave A Caption posts again and again.

Kait Nolan – At this, her Pots and Plots blog she provides awesome recipes, and features gluten-free on Friday.  She is also writes paranormal romance, so be sure to check out her author website.

No list of mine would be complete without mentioning three very special ladies.  You know how it is, when you walk into a room of strangers?  A whole lot of them?  You might not get to meet everyone; so you circulate and mingle, you get to know some, but you really click with a few?  Maybe it’s because we all have seen, and talked to dead people.  You’ll get that and then some when you read these ladies’ postings.

Diana Murdock

Debra Kristi

Deborah J. Hughes

Have a great weekend and a full #Follow Friday!

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  1. A thoughtful post! thanks for the suggestions and thank you for the mention!! I’ve been remiss lately in getting a post up on my blog! Getting down to crunch time on my book publication! Congrats again on getting an agent!! It’s so exciting.

  2. Aww… Thank you, Serena, for such an honor! I’d like to think I can offer a nugget or two to anyone who stops by my blog – just as I do when I visit yours! Hugs to you, sista!

    1. You’re welcome, August. I’ve found Kristen’s words have really rung true, and I’m so pleased to be able to share the love with so many talented writers. It’s been a pleasure to read your work.

  3. Great mix of people Serena! Thank you for your suggestions! 🙂

    I can see I’ll be busy reading more blogs today. But I do already following most of them.

    Thanks Serena! Have an awesome weekend!

  4. I read this a few days ago. I thought I hit the like button but don’t see it there. Slap a big fail across my forehead! Thank you Serena for including me. Saving a great big hug for you!

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