"Over my dead body."

Yeah, you know you’re jealous.  Yes, Han Solo is mine, all mine!  Too bad ladies!

What is it about the bad boy?  Or, excuse me, you know the word as well as I do…scoundrel.  Didn’t you’re heart just melt in ‘Empire’ when he held Leia’s hands and whispered those lines?  “You like me because I’m a scoundrel.  There haven’t been enough scoundrels in your life.”  Mine did.  But, Han Solo is a scoundrel with a heart of gold.

I never understood why some girls fell for Luke Skywalker.  (Sorry Luke, besides Jedi aren’t supposed to get busy, right?)  I mean really, from the minute I laid my ten-year-old eyes on that tall Corellian pirate, I was lost.  He’s the badass smart ass who saves the day.   Sure, Luke blew up the Death Star, but he would be toast at the hands of his Dad if Han hadn’t come back to the fight to knock Darth Vader’s TIE fighter out into space.

Han stays with the Rebellion, because of Leia.  Because of love.

Every woman. Okay…almost every woman wants to be the one to reform the bad boy and turn him to good.  Isn’t that the plot of so many romances, no matter what the subgenre?  We love it, we eat it up.  Yes, my hand is raised just as high as yours.  Guilty!  Han Solo is smooth and sexy, how could Leia not fall for him?

We love the romance hero and project ourselves into the plot to let a little of the extraordinary into our lives.  How many times have you pictured yourself in the role of the heroine on the pages, swept along on the adventure?  That is the hallmark of the best storytelling, losing yourself in the tale.  You want to find some of that magic for yourself.

I fell in love with my husband because he is smartass, a badass if he needs to be, and yeah, he does have a heart of gold.  I’ll tell you a secret…he babytalks our animals, all of them:  the two dogs, three cats AND the chickens.  How could I not fall in love with him?

So who is your Han Solo?  Or pick your favorite romantic hero.    He may not be a smuggler piloting a starship, but if you’ve found each other, if you love each other and your lives together, then you’ve found your hero.

How did he win you?


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  1. Ah, girl, I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting. My ex was not the one by a long shot, but now single again after 23 years, I’m a free agent and putting the vibes out to the universe…got a couple in mind though. *wink* But that will be a story for another day. Great post!

  2. After 30 years of marriage, I’ve been single for a long time. Truthfully Ilike it this way. It would take a super hero to get me to give up this life.

    great blog. thanks

  3. Fun blog post! I was always attracted to the bad boys, the rebels. There is something about that feeling of being on the edge of danger and excitement. That said, I did not marry one and our marriage is nearly 18 years strong. My husband is extremely sensitive and thoughtful and I now think a many who does dishes, irons his own shirts, cries in movies and paints his daughter’s nails is the true sexy-hero!

  4. My hero came in the form of a somewhat quiet, very brainy scientist type who taught me to two-step:) I always liked the smart athletic type so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. He’s truly my hero as he tackles everything life throws at him with an attitude of nothing is too difficult to overcome.
    Funny, as a kid I liked Luke, and my mother had a thing for Hans. Now that I am older I have no idea why I like Luke, Hans is much sexier!!

  5. That is awesome. My husband is also a bad-ass Han Solo kind of guy, who baby-talks our animals. At our last house the horse pasture was close to our house. Every night we opened our bedroom window to say good-night to the horses. Yes, really. And it wasn’t all my idea!

  6. Ah – but the problem with Han is that his first instinct when things get tough is to bail. Sure, he might come back – but he might not. I’m more of a Senator Organa type of girl – sure and steady. I’ll enjoy watching others battle wits with the Hans of the world though 😛 Great post.

  7. Thank you everyone for stopping by and sharing your comments. I feel the love. 🙂

    Karen, Teresa, Marcy, here’s to your Han Solos! And to Ginger and Kara for finding your own heroes. Louise, you keep on rockin’ it single style and lovin’ it! Lisa, it’s true that most scoundrels are scoundrels indeed, making them chancy to place any faith in. But not all of them…

    What I’ve been lucky enough to discover, is that you truly have to be happy and content with yourself…whether you share your life with another or not. Happiness is what matters, how you find it is life’s amazing journey.

  8. Serena, I’m still on the hunt for my hero. I admit to having a weak spot for a scoundrel — I just can’t get past the barely-reformed rake. There are so many wonderful literary examples, but I think my current favorite is Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s “Fever” series, precisely because he’s the sort of guy that you can’t really reform. He’s bad to the bone, and proud of it.

    Lovely post!

    1. Lena – I’ll send good vibes that you find him! I read the first book in that series, and have to get to the rest. Good stuff! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. Great blog title and an excellent post. My husband is not very Han Soloish in real life but we met in a LARP (live action role play) where he played the role of a scoundrel. That definately got me interested 🙂

  10. Han Solo…oh how I love him. When I got rid of all my Star Wars toys as a kid I kept my Han Solo fig. Still got him! My husband, he dressed as Han Solo the first Halloween I knew him. It had to be a sign. 😀

  11. I think I was too young when I first saw the Star Wars movie because I fell in love with yoda…lol. I definitely married the Han Solo bad boy with the heart of gold, though! Great post!

  12. Oh yes, give me a bad boy any day. Or a mysterious one. My all-time favorite is still Aragorn from LOTR. The strong (mostly silent) type. He clearly has all those dark secrets and mysterious demons. 🙂

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