It’s funny how just when you need something, it drops right into your lap.

I’ve recently finished my first novel and have started on my second.  I have at least two other book series in my head, clamoring to be let out.  What I’ve been desperately needing though, is some education on how to market myself.  Lo and behold, today, this gem just stood up and waved for my attention.  Turns out Kristen Lamb teaches how to do this!  Joy!  And just what I was looking for.

I’m signing up for the workshop she mentions and buying her book, We Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide to Social Media.

Will give more details about my book, soon.


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  1. Hi Serena. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad you found Kristen’s book. I’m her guinea pig. I met her when she first started writing her book and needed someone totally ignorant as a test subject. I more than qualified. I can tell you, her methods have worked for me. Since I met Kristen in April of 2010, I have a very successful blog, thousands of twitter friends, a supportive, knowledgeable writing group, and a nearly complete quality manuscript with interested folks wanting to take a peek at it. If you’re on Twitter, join us at the #MyWANA hashtag, and please give me a follow and send me a tweet. I know lots of great folks I can introduce to you. All the best.

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