But don’t think I’ve run out of things to say.  Quite the contrary.  I have been busy finishing my first novel.  Yes, I write fiction also.

The ghost and spirit stories I share with you here on my blog are all true accounts of my life as a psychopomp.  I think, however, I’ve mentioned before that writing has become like breathing to me and this first novel grew from a short story.  The characters were compelling enough for me to develop them and full-length book around their initial tale.

Right now, I am in the final editing phase, making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.  In less than a month (ideally) I’ll be putting it out there.  Then, I’ll get back to detailing my paranormal life for your here.

So, stay tuned!  More ghost stories to come.

Any literary agents or book publishers want to read a paranormal romance featuring werewolves like you’ve never seen them before?

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