But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law?
We both have truths – are mine the same as yours?

-Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar

I put off writing down my experiences for most of my life.  It was like there was this block in my brain that kept me from putting words down on paper or storing them in gigabytes.  Believe me I doubted as much as any and I’ll give you here my disclaimer: these are my stories as I experienced them.  They are my truths and hold great meaning for me, but when all is said and done (here I borrow and paraphrase from my friend and teacher) they are just that, stories.  I saw these things and experienced them in all their technicolor glory, but as with all supernatural and paranormal interactions, they are highly subjective.  I certainly hold opinions on them and I am sure dear readers you will have some of your own but I share my stories for a variety of reasons; to entertain, to enlighten, and to show others who may have similar tales that they are not alone.

I recently finished Supernatural  by Graham Hancock (a plug for you here, Graham) and can say that I recommend it highly.  He examines in great detail altered states of conscious and how they have impinged on our spirituality, ancient and modern.  Throughout he consistently delineates common features from a multitude of cultures and across the span of history.  I found much of what he described fit closely to my own personal experiences.

On a very fundamental level we all have the ability to part the veil and see the worlds that lie beyond.  Why some do and some do not is a matter of very personal choice.  Some do not think to look, some have forgotten they can and some willfully close their eyes.

For me, it’s been a roller-coaster ride, scary, exciting and profound.  When I was very young I fluctuated from being extremely fearful of the paranormal, to being open and practicing Wicca for a while, and the long journey that has brought me here.

I spent a brief time in my teen years as a born-again Christian.  Really.  I had the faith, I read the Bible, I went to church and I prayed every night.  And it wasn’t for me; never once did I feel an answer in my heart to any of my seeking.  From there I became agnostic with atheistic tendencies until a coworker shared a couple of books on Wicca and I dove in.  I spent a good many years identifying with Wicca and practicing it’s rituals.  It spoke to me as Christianity never had and I finally heard within my soul the hint of answers to my questions.  But it still wasn’t quite right and I gradually moved away from considering myself Wiccan or practicing that faith.

Now, I don’t know if it’s necessary to put a label on my spirituality and views of what comes after physical death.  Recently, it’s become more common to hear the phrase ‘I’m not religious but I am spiritual’ and I frankly love it.  The truth of it speaks to me and I find fascinating conversations when I hear someone say this.  One of my purest joys is hearing how someone else views the cosmos; it’s at the very least educational and often uplifting and inspiring.

So I’ve had paranormal experiences all my life, and I’ve practiced in some form or another religion, meditation and peeking into the astral realm.  But I will freely admit that while I had the passion and desire, early on I often did not have the internal discipline to achieve really consistent results when I tried activities such as astral travel or communicating with spirits.  I was something of a dilettante in my younger days.

None of which stopped things from actually popping up in front of me and intruding into my life.  It was by times thrilling, terrifying and awe-inspiring.  Over the last ten years I have deepened and expanded my practices; I began to study Reiki and recently completed my Reiki Master-Teacher training.  I am always looking for paranormal classes, lectures and ceremonies to participate in.  The worlds beyond continue to unfold and reveal themselves in ever-fascinating complexity.  Even though I have experienced the paranormal my entire life I am continually awed and inspired by what I see.  I really feel as if I am only starting on a thrilling and adventurous journey.

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